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J.Geco - Chicken Song

The Chicken Song is an experimental song and remix composed by J.Geco and released to YouTube on November 7, 2013. Essentially, the song mainly consists of chicken sounds combined with techno music. It has gained massive success on YouTube, reaching a billion views eight years after its release.

J.Geco - Chicken Song

A few years later, a series of remixes of the songs was made between 2018 and 2019. The first song is a rock remix, the second one is a trap remix, the third one is a rock remix, and the fourth and the last one is a tropical remix.

"The Chicken Song" is a novelty song by the British satirical comedy television programme Spitting Image (series 3, episode 6). The nonsensical lyrics were written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor; the music was written by Philip Pope, who also produced the song, with Michael Fenton Stevens as vocalist.

The song was a parody of summer holiday disco songs such as "Agadoo" and "Do the Conga", which were in vogue during the mid-1980s. The song made specific reference to the group Black Lace, who performed those songs ("those two wet gits, with their girly curly hair"). The song featured heavily during the 1986 series of Spitting Image, playing recurrently in the background, and being hummed by characters; at one stage, the puppet of Pope John Paul II played it on a banjolele. A subsequent release as a single reached number one in the official UK Singles Chart for three weeks in 1986.[1]

On the Spit in Your Ear album, the "Celebrity Mega Mix" version of "The Chicken Song" was included, which features vocal impressions of celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Tina Turner singing the lyrics. The 12" single of "The Chicken Song" featured the extended "12 hour version", which contains numerous random repetitions of the verses and chorus at times when the song appears to be over. When the track is actually finished and the stylus reaches the end of the run-out groove, the first bar of the song is constantly repeated in the final locked groove.[citation needed]

On the second B-side (the single was released as a "double B-side") of the 7" and 12" singles was another popular song from Spitting Image, "I've Never Met a Nice South African", which mocked the apartheid-era nation's white people. The 12" single also contained "Hello, You Must Be Going", a parody of Phil Collins who seems as much concerned about his receding hairline as his failed relationship, and "We're Scared of Bob", a parody of the Band Aid / USA for Africa charity records with the various artists suggesting they were only making the record because they were too afraid to say no when Bob Geldof asked them.[2]

Inspired by the Artificial Intelligence progress wave, in late 2022 the project CH1CK3N 50N6 was born, with a music video entirely made by AI. Challenging AI artists in a contest to make the song's official video.

The Chicken Song is a legendary song and dance created by Werner Thomas, a Swiss accordion player. Though the original version was released back in the 1950s, the one that most people are familiar with these days is the J. Geco version, released in 2013 with very little resemblance to the original. 041b061a72


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