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What: If the brunch theme continues to this point, and you know it will, you might as well go to Drake. For one thing, it's the only new restaurant on Alcatraz, which means it has the most panoramic view of the island. For another, the restaurant was part of the project to get the island reopened to the public, as the island was closed to civilians when the prison opened in 1934. The only people who visit now are staff and volunteers, but the view is worth seeing. But the best part is probably the lunch and dinner menu: The chefs take pride in offering creative versions of traditional dishes, which means the menu changes weekly.

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However, it seemed like there were more jobs or more hours available for the people than there were applicants. In addition, the landscape of the jobs themselves, and the ways that they were advertised, tended to be discouraging. Jobs were advertised in the local newspapers, and the companies that were hiring laid off only workers with the best qualifications. In addition, the New Deal programs, under which almost two-thirds of the people entering the workforce during the period of Wagner were hired, did not have much of an impact in the San Francisco area.

Sausalito is the only place you can get a fix on the fact that modern California is still urban. (Unlike the farmlands of the Central Valley, the Bay Area actually consists mostly of the city.) But thats also why the town was spared during the earthquake and fires of 1989. Before that fateful year, Sausalito was indeed little more than a village at the edge of the Bay Area, but a modest population explosion changed that.


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