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Beg Barter Buy And Sell Katy Tx

"I didn't want to have a garage sale but needed to sell a bunch of stuff," she said. That's when she remembered a Facebook group from her Alabama hometown. The private group allowed members to buy and sell items to their neighbors online.

beg barter buy and sell katy tx

Now, about 17 months later, the group has more than 9,000 members and 900 pending requests to join, Bennett said. Members post dozens of items to sell each day, from outgrown strollers to designer jewelry.

In neighborhoods and suburbs across the country, Facebook users are setting up private trading groups to buy and sell gently used clothing, home goods, toys and furniture. The groups are like digital garage sales but open only to members. Some online groups are so exclusive and well-hidden you must ask around in the real world to gain entrance. Once in, you're given access to things your neighbors want to sell for reasonable - and sometimes insanely cheap - prices.

"It takes away the scary factor of Craigslist because you can see (the seller's or buyer's) Facebook page," Mondello said. In fact, neighbors often operate on the honor system. Porch pickups - known as PPUs - are common, with the seller trusting the buyer to leave cash in the mailbox.

When Nathan Allen started a group called Beg, Barter, Buy & Sell, he included The Woodlands, Spring, Shenandoah, Conroe and Willis. At first he just wanted a way to sell his Fajita Cookers, the custom cooker/fire pits he makes by hand - but then people started posting their own items to sell and sharing the site with their friends. Now the group has nearly 35,000 members.

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