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Strongbow Cider Cherry Blossom Where To Buy

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Strongbow Cider Cherry Blossom Where To Buy

Strongbow is exported to numerous overseas markets. Sleeman Breweries took over the distribution rights for Canada in 2001, and is the fifth highest selling cider in the United States, where it was imported by Vermont Hard Cider until August 2012, when Heineken regained the rights.[21] It was launched into the Australian market in 1970, and today still remains as Australia's most popular cider.[22] Strongbow is available in six varieties in Australia: Dry, Sweet, Original (formerly sold as "Draught"), Lower Carb (a low carbohydrate variety), Pear and Blossom Rosé.[9] Foster's Group purchased the Strongbow brand in Australia in 2003, and continues to produce, distribute & market the brand.[22] They were themselves purchased by SABMiller in 2011 before being bought out by Anheuser-Busch InBev in 2017. It is confirmed that in the Australian market, the brand will be purchased by Asahi Breweries in June 2020.[23] Carlton & United Breweries, currently have the rights to Strongbow in Australia.

Gold Apple Description: Crisp, refreshing taste with a hint of golden apple and a smooth, elegant finish.Orange Blossom Description: Spring-like fresh orange blossom aroma with a touch of sweetness and a juicy apple finish.Cherry Blossom Description: A cherry blossom aroma with a subtle sweetness and a ripe apple finish.Artisanal Blend Description: Crafted with semi-sweet, cold-pressed heirloom apples.

Cherry Blossom: Strongbow Cherry Blossom has a sophisticated shade of red that evokes rosé wine, a sensuous blend of delicate cherry blossom and red fruit aromas with an underlying note of Golden Delicious apple which is bright and bubbly on the tongue with a refreshing finish that is enhanced when served over ice.

Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders, a brand of White Plains, N.Y.-based Heineken USA, unveiled its newest flavor, Strongbow Cherry Blossom. The new flavor and recipe delivers a cut-through, refreshing taste with delicate cherry blossom and red fruit aromas and an underlying note of apple, the company says.

"We are particularly excited that spring is here, and that we can finally celebrate it in style by sharing our new Strongbow Cherry Blossom with our fans," said Alejandra de Obeso, brand director of Strongbow for Heineken USA, in a statement. "Strongbow Cherry Blossom is a beautifully balanced cider that evokes some elements of a rosé wine, and has actually received the highest taste test ratings in our brand's history from both men and women. We recommend serving Cherry Blossom over ice to help bring out its distinctive cherry blossom and red fruit aroma, and enjoy the bright taste of its unique blend of bittersweet and culinary apples."

Strongbow Orange Blossom Hard Cider was introduced in six packs of 11.2 ounce bottles and four packs of mini 4 ounce cans in March. Orange Blossom is also available in the Strongbow 12 bottle variety pack. It replaced Strongbow Ginger. The other flavors in the variety pack include Honey, Cherry Blossom, and Gold Apple. The Strongbow brand was launched in England in 1962 and was acquired by Heineken in 2008. The apples used to create Strongbow cider are grown to produce cider and nothing else. Once harvested the apples are washed and crushed. The pure juice is extracted, fermented, and filtered. Natural flavor and color is blended with the cider.Strongbow Orange Blossom pours to a golden peach color with a thin white head. The crisp apple aroma has a sweet floral orange backing. The juicy orange entry is balanced by crisp apple flavor that builds to a tart peak. It fades with bittersweet apple and orange blossom taste and finishes semidry.

Strongbow Cherry Blossom. The new flavor and recipe delivers a cut-through, refreshing taste with delicate cherry blossom and red fruit aromas and an underlying note of apple, in a sophisticated shade of red. 781b155fdc


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