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Telechargement Vidal 2013 16

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See further explanation in the EpiData Wiki and an example of usage at at the ECDC toolbox site. Download and unzip - the target group for this is experts or trained persons, but just try out. Windows 32 bit28.Jan 2014 (0.7 Mb) [264739] Windows 64 bit28.Jan 2014 (0.7 Mb) [263693] linux 32 bit28.Jan 2014 (0.8 Mb) [251417] linux 64 bit28.Jan 2014 (0.8 Mb) [251732] mac intel28.Jan 2014 (0.7 Mb) [247967]EpiData Analysis ClassicDownload either one complete setup file as exe, zip or ALL the smaller parts. Setup file includes program, introduction and core documentation. First (V1.0) released Sept. 2005. V2.2 may 2013 (with epx support)A build is a minor revision, see list of changes 1e1e36bf2d


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