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The Doors Live In Europe 1968 Dvd Torrent UPDATED

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The Doors Live In Europe 1968 Dvd Torrent UPDATED

the dvd also contains an isolated performance by krieger and manzarek from 1969 at la grande, oregon, and a clip of manzarek playing bass and organ and krieger singing on mandolin during a session in londons cafe royal during the london sessions. it also features a few other, rarer, live clips, including a lively performance by manzarek and krieger at the london polytechnic in 1974. but the cd wasnt originally designed to be a historical document, and, apart from the clips, it is a bit thin on anything besides the performances on it.

in the liner notes, the doors are quoted as saying, "we created the door. we are the door." ive always wondered what they meant. what a line from the doors shows is that the doors were more than just the doors, they were the door, the gateway to a fantasy world where people could escape the mundanities of everyday life and find something far more exciting than what lay in front of them. the doors, at their best, were the gateway to a fantasy world.

those familiar with oliver stones the doors will recognize much of live in europes footage, which was carefully reconstructed for the 1991 film. aside from five or six redeeming performances, however, this hour-long dvd is a disaster. originally airing on hbo in 1988, the documentary is narrated by the musical moron twinsaka grace slick and paul kantner of jefferson airplane, who shared the bill with the doors on the europe 68 tour (and whose genius was so unequivocal that they later changed their name to jefferson starship). the pairs burned-out, painfully out-of-touch commentary on what morrison was really like and about what the 60s meantnot to mention slicks debbie gibson-style hat and stylish polka-dot blazerare about as interesting and insightful as we built this city (on rock n roll). 3d9ccd7d82

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