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Learn Android Penetration Testing with Attack APK and Kali Linux

Repackaging attack is a very common type of attacks on Android devices.In such an attack, attackers modify a popular app downloaded from appmarkets, reverse engineer the app, add some malicious payloads, and thenupload the modified app to app markets. Users can be easily fooled, becauseit is hard to notice the difference between the modified app and theoriginal app. Once the modified apps are installed, the malicious codeinside can conduct attacks, usually in the background.For example, in March 2011, it was found that DroidDream Trojan hadbeen embedded into more than 50 apps in Android official market and hadinfected many users. DroidDream Trojan exploits vulnerabilities in Androidto gain the root access on the device.

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The learning objective of this lab is for students to gain a first-handexperience in Android repackaging attack, so they can better understandthis particular risk associated with Android systems, and be more cautiouswhen downloading apps to their devices, especially from those untrustedthird-party markets. In this lab, students will beasked to conduct a simple repackage attack on a selected app, anddemonstrate the attack only on our provided Android VM. Students should be warned not tosubmit their repackaged apps to any market, or they will face legalconsequence. Nor should they run the attack on their own Android devices,as that may cause real damages.

In some levels, the black hole can absorb some special ammunition, which can be used to attack the game's giant. The giant is the ultimate goal of the game, and players need to absorb as much matter as possible before the game ends in order to have enough ammunition to attack the giant. Giants have very powerful attack capabilities and if players do not attack in time, they will be destroyed by the giants.

All in all, Attack Hole is a very interesting casual game that incorporates a variety of elements such as absorption, attack, and challenge, allowing players to constantly experience something new and fun. Whether you are looking for excitement or want to relax, this game can bring you a very good gaming experience.

Whether you're a history buff or a WW2 gaming fan, Uboat Attack is a must-play game. It will take you into the deep sea and let you discover the ocean's secrets. You must be weary of enemy ships & planes and must attack them with torpedoes.

If you need help, you can always use the in-game tutorial. It will guide you through the basics of submarine navigation and warfare. You can also use the periscope to get a better view of the battlefield and plan your attacks.

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However, don't expect to go on a rampage since the enemy will be tough to beat. You must use strategy and careful planning to win each battle. When you spot an enemy, you should summon other U-boats to shadow it. You will then initiate the attack and use torpedoes to sink the enemy ship.

Additionally, the enemies can come from any direction. Since you'll be out of the line of sight, you must use your periscope wisely to spot them. Once you see the enemy, you can plan your attack and take them down.

Even better, you will see the shallow and deep waters clearly, and this will help you avoid running aground. These prompts will ease your navigational burden, and you can focus on other things such as attacking the enemy.

Uboat Attack lets you relive the WW2 naval experience. It has realistic graphics, and the gameplay is immersive. You can use a variety of submarines to attack the enemy, and you must be very careful not to take too much damage.

Swamp Attack is a shooting game that takes you into an exciting battle while shooting monsters to protect your house. Your house will be attacked by ferocious monsters and at all costs, you will do everything to destroy them. Simple gameplay allows players to freely explore and immerse themselves in battle. The match is dramatic but extremely splendid, eye-catching colours attract many players. You will be transformed into the best shooter to destroy a series of evil monsters.

Swamp Attack has very simple gameplay, you just need to swipe the screen to move to the monsters you want to destroy. Initially, players will be immersed in a peaceful scene in the house in the swamp. Players will play the role of a man sitting on a wooden chair, holding a gun. After that, monsters will appear and disrupt your relaxing scene. They constantly try to attack your home and you will use the gun in your hand to destroy them.

Swamp Attack screen has many choices with more than 300 levels and 8 different parts will make you attracted through each level without getting bored. Each level of play is different challenges, training your new attack skills. In the early levels, players just need to use a gun to shoot monsters and eat money falling from themselves. Up to a higher level will appear many stronger monsters with stronger attack speed will cause more difficulties for you to destroy them. Each new level will appear new monsters at near and long-range. You need to quickly destroy so that you do not lose blood and quickly take medicine to heal when the opportunity arises.

Swamp Attack lets you play as a man who does everything he can to keep the house safe. The monsters definitely never gave up their bad intentions. You need to have enough strength to fend off their attacks. Download Swamp Attack mod, fight until you knock the enemy out of your land.

There are around 390 levels divided in different episodes of game. You have to start from first level of episode one. Move up gradually by succeeding and winning game prizes, complete missions and repel attacks of monsters on your swamp.

There are eight episodes and around 300 levels in the game. Starting from first level, advance gradually to unlock new levels by winning and defending your home from monsters.You can now unlock all new levels with the swamp attack mod apk app for your android. Just download and install it in you android and play any level.

In addition to naval combat missions, players also need to manage the submarine's crew and resources, such as food, water, and fuel, to ensure that the submarine can remain active at sea for a long time and avoid enemy attacks. At the same time, players can also upgrade various equipment of the submarine, such as torpedoes, batteries, hulls, etc., to improve combat capabilities and navigation efficiency.

Of course, just downloading the Trojan is not enough for it to work; the user also has to install it. To ensure this, the attackers resort to social engineering. The Trojan may be downloaded with any of the following names:

At this stage, we have a fully operating attack framework and can use many of the reconnaissance, scanning, and attack commands that drozer provides for us. The example below simply lists Android packages on the system.

That faced by obese men with flat facial expression, game genre tower defense style shooter developed by Out Fit 7, the same developer for the game called My Talking Tom. Call it man crew KotGa mean here is Tom because of his own in the game he does not have a name. Your objective in this game is to help Tom in the face of attacks by animals that try to destroy his home marsh and eat it.

Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) published a report regarding RCS Labs' activity involving infecting Android and iOS users with commercial surveillance tools. RCS Labs is an Italian spyware company that leveraged Internet service providers (ISPs) to infect users located in Italy and Kazakhstan. The observed campaigns originated with unique links sent to the targets via SMS that rendered a page prompting the user to download and install a malicious application on their Android or iOS device. The SMS message typically included a prompt regarding mobile connectivity issues. Researchers noted the reason behind this specific verbiage may be because "the actors worked with the target's ISP to disable the target's mobile data connectivity." The malicious applications were typically disguised as a mobile carrier application or messaging applications, which would be endorsed through "a made-up support page that claimed to help the potential victims recover their Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp suspended accounts." The fraudulent applications were not available in the Google Play or the Apple App Store, and each device type has its own attack method. The iOS application is signed with a certificate from "3-1 Mobile SRL" (a company enrolled in the Apple Developer Enterprise Program) which satisfies all iOS code signing requirements. The app contains a privilege escalation exploit wrapper that is utilized by six (6) exploits: CVE-2018-4344, CVE-2019-8605, CVE-2020-3837, CVE-2020-9907, CVE-2021-30883 (a zero-day vulnerability), and CVE-2021-30983 (another zero-day vulnerability). The app also contained a "minimalist agent capable of exfiltrating interesting files from the device, such as the Whatsapp database." The Android Package Kit (APK) requires the target to have enabled installation of applications from unknown sources and disguises itself as a legitimate Samsung app through its icon. Once the app is launched, it requests various sensitive permissions on the device. The APK does not contain exploits but does have code that suggests exploits could be downloaded and executed if need be. There is also the ability to fetch and run remote modules present that can communicate a range of events to the main application. Google researchers emphasized that "the commercial spyware industry is thriving and growing at a significant rate", in which all Internet users should be concerned and vigilant. An in-depth analysis of recent spyware activity as well as indicators of compromise (IOCs) can be reviewed in Google TAG's report linked below.


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