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Nueva Version Filezilla ( __TOP__

Sorry for the unprecise description. I run Windows 7 home premium and I can still work with filezilla, but a bunch of error warnings pop up, which I have attached in the picture. They appear every second one after the other from top to bottom. I have reinstalled filezilla with the latest version, but the problem does not disappear. Now I have Filezilla, windows NT 6.1 32-bit

Nueva version Filezilla (

On opening and closing, cannot write a number of .xml files. It seems as if this is common among other Windows versions for this Filezilla build. I cannot copy a current link to use in the "Quickconnect" application. The test application does not work since the test results cannot be written to an .xml log. For my version, all the error messages are in English, but it seems they are all in English. The attachment image is in German, and is close is close, but missing a few, like filezilla.xml.

This ticket's suggested behavior appears to have been the current behavior on Unix-like systems for some time (I tested it with filezilla 3.3.3-1ubuntu1 as provided by my Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat amd64 system). But this issue has still not been addressed in Windows (with version

FileZilla es un cliente FTP gratuito muy sencillo de utilizar. Ya tenemos una nueva versión disponible: FileZilla, el programa soporta los protocolos IPv6, FTP, FTP sobre SSL/TLS, (FTPS), además de SFTP (SFH o File Transfer Protocol). FileZilla está disponible en español para los sistemas operativos Windows 2000, XP, Vista y Windows 7, Mac OS y también para sistemas operativos Linux. 350c69d7ab


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