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How To Unlock Iphone 2g 3.1 3 Without Sim Card

The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Please contact Apple for more information.

How to unlock iphone 2g 3.1 3 without sim card

I have discovered that my problem was not with not being able to unlock it, but that the Bell network only supports 3G GSM networks or higher. They didn't create one for the 2G, therefore my iphone 2G will never be able to work with my carrier. Only solution is to beef it up as much as I can, sell it to someone who goes with a carrier that support 2G, and get myself a 3G (or maybe an iphone 4 will fall into my lap). I mentioned I jailbroke/unlocked it without SIMs in the iPhones...maybe try the process without the SIM and then put it back in? I don't know if that would make a difference but it's an idea.

First, you are instructed to go to Cydia and search for a program called Boot Neuter, which is a program that will unlock your iPhone. When you find this program simply hit "install". The install will take several minutes and will put an icon on your home screen. Once installed, run this from your home screen and phone will be unlocked. Make sure in your phone settings that "unlock" is set to "ON" then tap on flash. Insert your SIM card, restart your phone, and you are ready to go.

all steps have been completed. if i open bootneuter and check the settings they come up appropriately as shown in the window. however, i changed the at&t sim card with the new tmobile sim card and the iphone requests me to connect to itunes and only allows emergency phone calling. the tmobile carrier logo does appear in the upper left in place of at&t. i put the at&t card back in and all still works. I am waiting for some direction before allowing the tmobile to connect to itunes. should i go ahead and do it?

after tapping flash, bootneuter tells me there is nothing to do. the toggles already match. i think i am there with the unlock, just not reading the new tmobile sim card. i will try the new sim card again since the process seems to be complete. thanks for your continued support and prompt response.

Hi, I have an Iphone 2g (current firmwre 2.2.1). I want to upgrade it to 3.1.2. Can I use Blackra1n to jailbreak and unlock my iphone after i upgrade it to 3.1.2? Also will push still work in my Iphone edge network?cheers,Lucky

I currently have a jailbroken and unclocked iphone 2g 3.0.1 (7A400) with modem firmware 04.05.04_G. I used Cydia/ultrasn0w to unlock it about 5 months ago. What do i need to do to get it jailbroken and Unlocked with OS 3.1.2? Please help.

I had the iphone 2g with OS 3.0 Unlocked and Jail broken. I downloaded the IPSW file for OS 3.1.2 and restored it using itunes and then used the blackra1n. Once it finished installing the blackra1n, my phone was jailbroken and Unlocked and it picked up my t-mobile service right away. I did not have to unlock the phone again. So this was pretty fast and quick for me. I checked the system and it shows me that I have 3.1.2 OS and itunes also confirms it. Hope this helps others.

Hello,I successfully unlock/jailbroke 3.0 using tool from iphoneheat but i accidently restored my iphone and its now software version is 3.1.2. Im using iphone and the problem is i have a signal and at&t logo is showing up but screen is stuck on connect to itunes and says different sim card detectedwhat should i do first?thanks

hi i have follow all of the steps black rain and such. my iphone 2g is now jailbroken and i am attempting to unlock it. but i when i sett the toggles on bootnueter it says to reboot but or cancel. the reboot button is in red and wont do any thing. i keep tapping reboot andd nothing happens so i press cancel. i read on other places to reset network settings it also has rest in red and when i press it nothing happens so i hae to cancel. what is wrong?!?!?!! hlp ive been working on this for several hours.

Hi I have an ulocked 2g IPhone on version 1.1.4 . I am not sure how it was unlocked or jailbroken,is the procedure for updating to the latesest os the same? It was a AT&T phone bought at a apple store but is now operating on a pay as you go rogers SIm card in Canada will it need to be unlocked?

The video starts out with a person holding an iPhone. The narrator begins to say he is about to demonstrate how to jailbreak an iPhone. Step one is to update or restore the iPhone to 3.1.2 using iTunes. After the update is complete, click on the blackrain icon and download Cydia. After the download is complete, the iPhone is jailbroken on 3.1.2. Next click on Cydia icon and search for the package bootneuter. That application will unlock the iPhone after installed. After it is installed, make sure unlock says on. Then tap on flash. After Bootneuter has unlocked the iPhone, install the SIM card and restart the phone. The phone then will say t-mobile at the top on the screen.

My other question is i can update my iphone to the latest version through my iphone itself as it is giving me the option to update it to the latest version and then further i may restore it through the itunes to complete the unlock process. Will it be safe and appropriate? I was on a previous version of itunes when that error message poped-up but now i have an updated itunes version, I only want to do it to save time on again trying to update and restore my iphone through itunes which takes a long time and i am afraid it may give the same error message after putting lots of efforts and time.

My iphone was jailbroke but recently updated it so it is no longer jailbroken but now i cannot re activate it, can set the wifi up etc but wont let me activate via itunes just says no sim card even though on is inserted ive tried dfu mode several times and many other things what else could i do please any advice

I have used the pwnage tool to try to jailbreak my iphone 3gs 4.2.1 baseband 5.14.04. I went through the process of creating a custom .ipsw and when i tried to restore the iphone via itunes i get the error message that the phone could not be restored because the firmware is incompatible. What should i do now? I wanted to jailbreak and then unlock this phone without having to change the baseband. THanks for your help.

Once you get passed the Emergency Call screen, connect to Wifi, jailbreak using and unlock using ultrasn0w. Once that is complete you should be passed activation and unlocked (able to use any sim). If you get a different simcard error, do the following final step:


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