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[HOT] Download Waves Tune Mono

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How to Download Waves Tune Mono for Vocal Pitch Correction

Waves Tune Mono is a plugin that allows you to correct the pitch of monophonic vocals in real time or offline. It is part of the Waves Tune bundle, which also includes Waves Tune and Waves Tune LT. In this article, we will show you how to download Waves Tune Mono and use it to enhance your vocal tracks.

Step 1: Purchase Waves Tune Bundle

Waves Tune Mono is not sold separately, but as part of the Waves Tune bundle. You can purchase the bundle from the Waves website for $99.99 (regular price $249). The bundle includes:

Waves Tune: A comprehensive vocal pitch correction plugin that offers precision control over all pitch parameters, including slides, vibrato, and formant correction.

Waves Tune Real-Time: A low-latency vocal pitch correction plugin that works in real time during tracking or live performance.

Waves Tune LT: A simplified version of Waves Tune that offers basic pitch correction features for vocals and instruments.

Waves Tune Mono: A version of Waves Tune that works only on monophonic vocals and offers a streamlined interface and workflow.

You can also get Waves Tune Mono as part of other Waves bundles, such as Vocal, Mercury, and Pro Show. Check the Waves website for more details and pricing.

Step 2: Download and Install Waves Central

Waves Central is the application that manages all your Waves plugins and licenses. You need to download and install it on your computer before you can use Waves Tune Mono. To download Waves Central, go to the Downloads page on the Waves website and select your operating system (Windows or Mac). Follow the instructions to install Waves Central on your computer.

Step 3: Activate Your License

After purchasing Waves Tune bundle, you will receive an email with a link to activate your license. Click on the link and log in to your Waves account. You will see your license in the My Licenses tab. You can choose to activate your license on your computer or on a USB flash drive. To activate your license on your computer, select your computer from the list and click Activate. To activate your license on a USB flash drive, insert the flash drive into your computer, select it from the list, and click Activate.

Step 4: Install Waves Tune Mono

Once you have activated your license, you can install Waves Tune Mono on your computer. To do so, open Waves Central and go to the Install tab. Select the products you want to install (in this case, Waves Tune bundle) and click Install. Wait for the installation process to complete.

Step 5: Use Waves Tune Mono

Now you are ready to use Waves Tune Mono on your vocal tracks. To do so, open your DAW (digital audio workstation) and create a new project or open an existing one. Add a vocal track and insert Waves Tune Mono as an effect plugin. You will see a simple interface with three main controls:

Pitch Correction: This knob adjusts the amount of pitch correction applied to the vocal. You can set it from 0% (no correction) to 100% (full correction).

Note Transition: This knob adjusts how fast or slow the pitch correction transitions between notes. You can set it from 0 ms (instant) to 800 ms (slow).

Vibrato Depth: This knob adjusts how much vibrato is preserved or added to the vocal. You can set it from 0% (no vibrato) to 100% (full vibrato).

You can also access more advanced settings by clicking on the Advanced button at the top right corner of the plugin window. Here you can adjust parameters such as scale, root note, formant correction, sensitivity, tolerance, smoothing, and bypass.

To hear how Waves Tune Mono affects your vocal, play back your track and adjust the knobs until you get the desired result. You can also record your vocal while using Waves Tune Mono in real time or offline mode. To switch between modes, click on the Real-Time/Offline button at the top left 061ffe29dd


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