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Ajit almost always portrayed the sophisticated, educated, well groomed evil mastermind, albeit heartless villain. Ajit was presented in striking western attire, the "bold" checked suits, matching overcoats, white leather shoes, wide sunglasses, jewellery accessories etc. Given his stature as a senior artist, Ajit was usually the gang leader to second tier villains (such as Jeevan (actor), Prem Chopra, Ranjeet, Kader Khan and Sujit Kumar). He was rarely portrayed (in movie roles) doing any "dirty work" himself, rather relying on his army of henchmen for the task, with zero tolerance for any failures. He always had a savvy female accomplice, usually named "Mona." Acting in over 200 films, he specialized in playing suave villains with memorable catch-phrases delivered in now iconic Ajit-style nasal drawls such as "Mona, darling". Ajit also brought to fame the smuggler as the villain. In his movies, he is generally seen smuggling gold biscuits in or out of the country. It has also been noted that most of his gang members had Christian names like Robert, Michael and Peter. He pronounced "Robert" as "Rabbert." This also has been used for comic purposes in parodies. His favourite dialogue is- "Very smart"

Mona Darling 2 Full Movie For Free

Well, as you know, the United States is a significant exporter of culture, and many countries, most notably China, do not always respect our intellectual property rights. So a movie will come out, and within a week, you can buy a copy of it on DVD for a dollar on the streets of China. This, I think, is unfair to the people who made the movie. But that being said, had they had to pay full price, they probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway. So is there really much of a loss to Hollywood? I think in the current moment there’s not, and it hasn’t stopped us from making movies.

But again, when we export songs, or musical forms, or artworks, it’s an artifact, it’s a thing. And the culture behind that artifact, blue jeans, record players, video cameras, all these things are things. What created them? What caused them to be created? And that’s what we can’t export. We can only export the things. The values we have to teach. And hopefully Dallas was popular abroad not because JR was a good guy, but because here you had people living in wealth that was natural. There was an Elia Kazan movie [“America, America” (1963)] in which there’s a young Greek boy at the dock, calling out to the American freighter, “America! America!” hoping that they would take him to America. This dream of a better life—without even knowing what it involved, he wanted to go. But he was looking for a value more than a thing—of what we export are things.


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