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Chess Tactics For Students Epub Reader

For all levels of chess players, Chess For Dummies, 3rd Edition, brings readers an updated guide to the wide world of chess. Offering easily-understood explanations of the game and its components, this book is a must have for those developing an interest or looking for an extra edge in chess.Chess For Dummies, 3rd Edition:Offers easily-understood explanations of the game and its componentsProvides introductory chapters and then introduces readers to different perspectives on chess from strategy and etiquette, to winning defensive and offensive secretsContains approximately 25% new material, including updated chapters on computer chess games, playing chess online, new tournament rules and much moreThe EPUB format of this title may not be compatible for use on all handheld devices.

Chess Tactics For Students Epub Reader

"One of the most important skills for a chess player todevelop is tactical ability. There have been numerous books written on thissubject but rarely with such a clear and well presented approach as Nunn offershere. The fourteen chapters explore different tactical themes, starting with anexamples and then moving on to exercises for the reader to try. There is also agood choice of material, the positions given having been culled from recenttournament practice." - Nigel Davies

"When I was a junior, I learnt from the classic tactics bookWinning Chess by Chernev and Reinfeld. I have been waiting for a longtime for a modern equivalent that I could recommend to my students. I stronglysuspect that this is it." - Phil Adams, 3Cs website

"This is the kind of chess literature that the world needsif we are going to continue to grow chess among youngsters and adults who wantto improve. Chess, while a very difficult game to master is not a hard game tolearn. Half the battle is stripping away the mystique to reveal that gettingbetter is a matter of learning some fundamental principles. This book does thatand does it really well. I would highly recommend this book to novice andintermediates looking to improve their tactics without going bankrupt in theprocess." - Bill Whited, Chess Country


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