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A key, by itself, cannot compromise your computer in any way, unless the software is explicitly programmed to act maliciously in response to a cracked key (it's still a question how it will tell which keys are cracked...). The key is just a password for you to prove that you have the right to run the software (ie. that you obtained a license to that program by buying it).

In the olden days it used to be that programs would simply run a mathematical operation on the key and decide whether they accept it or not (and even earlier, there would literally be a few questions with a secret answer). The exact algorithm would be secret and hard to guess, so you would basically only be able to run the software if the developer generates a correct key for you. Crackers would reverse engineer the algorithm and generate their own keys - it's hard to see how a software could distinguish between keys generated by copyright infringers and keys generated by the developer (in fact, its ability to distinguish this was the algorithm in the first place, and that has already been defeated at this point). Granted, often the crackers then distribute the key generator with a virus in it, so there's that.

After internet became ubiquitous, companies have moved on to just maintaining a list of keys they received payment for, and making software phone home to check. Now "cracked keys" come from someone who works at a company with a volume licensing key, who then leak that key. If the developer catches on, they may revoke that key to render it useless. Since the key was intended to be legitimate (and initially was), it's hard to see how it would harm your computer. But, like I said, if the software phones home, you'd be making yourself conspicuous.

Software cracks usually only work for a single version of a particular application, sincethe application code itself is modified to bypass any license checks (meaning a softwareupdate often requires an updated crack for the new application code.) Distributing acracked version of an application falls on the bad actor.

The other major attack vector is known as a software "keygen", which is much more ominous. Asits name may imply, a keygen is a form of software, often a separate program or webpage, thatgenerates valid license keys, i.e. a key-generator, or "keygen."

Some applications will have a central point in the bytecode where this check happens, but othersharden their system by inlining the license key checks, making the work of a bad actor wanting tocrack the software much, much harder. But licensing is all essentially the same: it's a seriesof conditionals.

But remember, a crack != a keygen, so your application's licensing always runsthe risk of being circu


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