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Affinity Publisher 1.8.0 2021

I have updated to Publisher 1.8.0, now my document fonts are all screwed up. Complains that Arial is not present etc and substitutes other fonts. Problem is not specific to Arial font but seems to be all fonts.

Affinity Publisher 1.8.0


I have just tried to open publisher again to review what is happening and it is once again starting and then immediately closing. This happened before. I'm going to have to revert to 1.7.x in order to continue with my work.

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Affinity Publisher ist seit Juni vergangenen Jahres für den Mac erhältlich. Die aktuelle Version 1.8.0 ist das erste große Update für die App. Die Nummerierung der Versionen mag etwas irritieren, die App stand nach einer ausführlichen Testphase bei ihrem Start bereits auf Version 1.7.1.

Note that your configurations may vary depending on the API Manager clustering deployment pattern you choose. Additionally these instructions are based on API Manager 1.5.0, 1.6.0, 1.7.0, 1.8.0 and 1.9.0 which are based on Carbon 4.2.0. If you are using multi-tenancy, all nodes should use the same user store, as all servers are servicing the same set of tenants, and it has to share the same Governance Registry space across all nodes.

Specify the 'localMemberHost' and 'localMemberPort' parameters. If on the publisher, the 'localMemberHost' should be the publisher's IP address. The port value should be the port on which the Publisher will be listening for incoming cluster messages. Same applies to the Store.

The Mlabri NRY sequences cluster with other northern Thai populations in the MDS plot and NJ tree (Fig. 5a,b), particularly with their linguistic relatives, Khmu and the Htin subgroup Pray. Although the Maniq are highly diverged from other populations due to their very low diversity, they show closest affinity with Papuan, island SEA (ISEA), and South Asian populations (Fig. 5b).

The Φ st distance matrices of both mtDNA and the NRY were used to construct MDS plots and NJ trees79 by STATISTICA 13.0 (StatSoft, Inc., USA) and MEGA 7.080, respectively. Median-joining networks81 of haplogroups without pre- and post-processing steps were performed by Network ( and visualized in Network publisher


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