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[S1E10] I Am Become Death

Unfortunately while on the way to the bridge, the virus starts manifesting in her body with blood dripping from her nose, her body becoming weak and her vision become quite blurred. Vision is quite important when you need to hit a target in order to save all of your people.

[S1E10] I Am Become Death

Part of what goes on, that's kind of more of a historical thing. And then I think just the adaptation along the way of, you've alluded to this, a word we've often used is catastrophic thinking. Sometimes in trauma or pain, discovery, what happens, or what have you, I can be there. And all of a sudden in that moment, thinking literally the sky is falling. And again, this can become habitual. It can become just such a norm. I think that what happens with anxiety, because I have had anxiety in my own life, and at times severe anxiety, is that it is ... this is my own view of it. That is my body and maybe God's way of saying something's out of alignment in your life. So had to shift in my healing that anxiety was no longer my enemy. It was a friend saying, "Tap, tap, tap, Jim. Something's out of alignment." And it feels real.

And see, anxiety, if you study it, always mimics death because the ultimate anxiety is death phobic across all cultures. We're afraid to die, even though Paul says, "Grave, where's your sting? Death, where's the victory?" There's a sense though, anxiety will feel for a flash moment like I'm dying. Well, you were facing death. Right?

Beckett meets up with Agent Will Sorenson and asks him to arrange a meeting with Moran. But the talks are a failure, as the death and nature of death of the doctor scares Moran, who identifies his own killing style being used. After they leave, Beckett is informed that the car containing Moran was shot at and both Sorenson and Moran were hit.

Eighteen-year-old Georgia "George" Lass (Ellen Muth) is the show's protagonist and narrator. George dies early in the pilot episode and becomes one of the "undead", a "grim reaper". George soon learns that a reaper's job is to remove the souls of people, preferably just before they die, and escort them until they move on into their afterlife. George's death leaves behind her mother (Cynthia Stevenson) and the rest of her family at a point when her relationships with them were on shaky ground.

The first scene of the pilot episode introduces an origin-of-death myth where at the dawn of time, "god (lower-case g)"[3] was busy with creation and gave Toad a clay jar containing death which Toad promised to guard. Frog begged Toad to let him hold the jar, something to which Toad finally agreed. An excited Frog juggled the jar and finally dropped it, shattering it on the ground. When it broke open, death got out.

Georgia Lass is aloof and emotionally distant from her family and shies away from her life. After dropping out of college, she takes a temp job through Happy Time Temporary Services. During her lunch break on her first day, she is hit and killed by a toilet seat falling from the deorbiting Mir space station.[4] She is soon informed that, rather than moving on to the "great beyond", she will become a grim reaper in the External Influence Division,[5] collecting souls of people who die in accidents (many of which have a Rube Goldberg-style complexity[6]), and homicides. Each reaper has a secret quota of souls; once the quota is met, the reaper moves on to another realm and the last soul reaped then takes his or her job collecting souls.

All of the main characters have issues with their life after death, but they cope with it in different ways: Mason (Callum Blue) resorts to alcohol and drugs; Daisy (Laura Harris) puts on a veneer of perkiness; and Roxy (Jasmine Guy) is physically and verbally aggressive. Rube (Mandy Patinkin) and George are more straightforward about their sadness.

In the world of Dead Like Me, grim reapers do not wear black cloaks or carry scythes (cloaks and scythes are only featured during the opening credits, for humorous effect), but their role remains traditional: they remove the souls of the living shortly before death and escort them into their afterlife. One becomes a reaper by being the last soul collected when one's own reaper meets his or her secret quota.

In the series, Death has a list of who is scheduled to die and when. This list is delivered to the head of each group by a shadowy figure (when the delivery is made to Rube's apartment; it is shown that the delivery is made by an actual shadow, with the list of names becoming corporeal only when it is delivered). The head of each group then gives each reaper a non-transferable assignment to collect a particular soul or souls.[12] Completing that assignment is often difficult for the reapers, who receive only the first (and sometimes middle) initial and last name of the person about to die, the location, and estimated time of death (ETD). If a reaper refuses to take a soul at their place of death and the person somehow survives their appointed time, the soul will "wither and die and rot inside" them.[12] If a reaper does not take a soul and the person does die, the soul remains trapped in the body and is subject to extremely traumatic experiences such as witnessing the autopsy of their own body. Deaths can be at least temporarily postponed without risk to the soul's well-being by interfering well in advance of the time of death; thus reapers would not be interfering with the events that lead to the death. However, this may have unintended consequences, such as other people dying because of actions taken by the person who should have died.

In the episode "Reapercussions" (Season 1 Episode 4), it is noted that if a reaper interferes with and prevents a scheduled death, a "hunting season" will be declared by the gravelings, who will pester the reaper until that soul is taken and order is restored. Some of the reapers, including George, Roxy, Mason, and Daisy, are plagued by the wrath of gravelings throughout the series.

A graveling rose from the body of Ray in "Forget Me Not" (Season 2, Episode 12) following his murder at the hands of a reaper.[20] This graveling retained Ray's mind or some other connection to his life, as it stayed close to Daisy and George's house (where Ray was killed) and expressed anger toward Daisy and Mason for Ray's death. It was also responsible for an unscheduled death at one of Daisy's reaps. Later, in the episode "Always" (Season 2 Episode 14), the graveling was reaped by George, upon which it turned to dust.

Viewers are told that in the beginning, god created death and, not knowing what to do with it, kept it in a sealed urn. Toad was asked by god to watch the urn but Frog pestered Toad into giving it to him. Frog proceeded to juggle the jar from foot to foot and accidentally dropped it, thus letting death out, whereby everything from that point had to die.[21] George is frequently shown caring for an albino Argentine horned frog (also known as a Pacman frog) identical to the one shown as Toad during the opening narration.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has an approval rating of 69% with an average score of 6.3 out of 10 based on 16 reviews. The website's critical consensus reads, "Dead Like Me is a required [sic] (after)taste, but the series' acidic wit and wry observations about the simple pleasures of life and death overcome the deficit in likable characters."[29]

The final episode dealt with death and its consequences, indicating that we are still in the first act of a very long story. On a plot level, it was about setting up conflicts and situations that will presumably play out in a second season. On a thematic level, it was about resurrection, and how the future rises from the ashes of destruction.

At Arq-Tech, Ava takes Michael to the Ark. She says it's just like before, but he replies that it's going to happen soon, that his angel promised. She asks if he means Lilith. Michael shakes his head. She asks if he means the one who talks to him and gives him pictures and he nods. Kristian looks around for Jillian. He doesn't find her, but does find an open doorway. Inside are various drawings by Michael, which seem to have some meaning to him. Seeing them, he laughs, then starts to tremble and weep, apparently overwhelmed with emotion. He gasps. In the tomb, Ava tells Adriel of her plan to be the last Warrior Nun, stopping the cycle of women like her being abused by the powerful men of the Church. He tells her they fight the same battle. She figures that he wants his Halo back, and she understands. It would, however, mean her death. He tells her that she might survive, but would return to her previous paralyzed state. She tells him that it's okay, that it wouldn't matter, that only one of them can leave, as the high-pitched ringing beings again. He tells her that he won't abandon her, reaching towards her. He places his hand on her shoulder and she experiences a vision. Outside, Mary says that it's been ten minutes and that something is wrong. They agree that they'll have to set off the explosives, but they also need a new plan to get out. Mother Superion leaves to go join Camila. Lilith finishes some drilling and she and Beatrice start setting explosive charges. In the tomb, Ava asks Adriel what he will do with the Halo if she gives it to him. He tells her he will revert to his previous form, a being of Heaven, or an angel. He tells her he will cast out the dark. "Yes", Ava agrees and receives another vision of an ancient battle. The battle is bloody and intense and in the vision, Ava takes the place of a warrior who was stabbed through the chest. She witnesses Adriel materializing and using the Halo. He then runs as a Tarask appears from the same spot he did. It begins killing and chases after Adriel, only to rematerialize in a different location. It attacks him, but he heals almost instantly. He slices it with the Halo.

At Arq-Tech, Jillian tells Michael they should go back to his room. She asks if she feels something and there is a crackling and warping from the Ark. "He's coming", declares Michael. There is a fast rumbling and the Ark distorts. Back in the tomb, Adriel tells Ava he's giving her what she's been wanting for so long. "May my cage become your tomb, Warrior Nun." At Arq-Tech, Michael tells Jillian that he'll be okay, shouting that he's tired of being in prison. She suggests that maybe they should go together. Kristian appears behind them. She says it might be a trap, but Kristian calls it divine will. Michael runs to the Ark. He tells her to come with him and enters. Jillian starts to follow, but Kristian shouts for her not to. In the tomb, Ava screams and blasts Adriel back. At Arq-Tech, the portal vanishes. Jillian sobs and screams. There is a rumbling and outside the tomb, everyone except Beatrice retreats deeper into the tunnels. Up top, Duretti goes outside and greets the adoring crowd. Just as he begins the address, there is a large explosion and the crowd cries out in fear. Duretti retreats into the room, where Mother Superion is waiting off to the side. As debris rattles around her, Ava shouts for help. Beatrice arrives, telling her they're going to get her out of there. Beatrice watches, shocked, as one of Adriel's hands rises from the rubble. "Get me away from him", shouts Ava, as Mary prepares to assist Beatrice in getting Ava out. The group flees the tomb. 041b061a72


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