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Lucas Sanders
Lucas Sanders

Evokings Vs Nirvana - Come As You Are ~UPD~

Like many Americans I've been spending my fleeting moments of leisure time binge watching Cobra Kai on Netflix. Aside from evoking childhood nostalgia it's brought to light some concepts that have spilled over into my professional life. What I've come to realize is that my early years in recruitment were as student of Cobra Kai, and have evolved to be more akin to Miagi Do. Furthermore, I've been guided to the conclusion that there is Zen in the Art of technology recruitment.

Evokings Vs Nirvana - Come As You Are

When the path is followed and all eight folds are practiced, a proverbial nirvana will be achieved. The essence of recruitment is to enhance outcomes for all parties involved. In the end the triumvirate of recruiter, candidate, and hiring manager part ways relieved of suffering. And keeping with ancient Buddhist tradition a gong is banged to commence the ceremony. However, as with monks that cast carefully crafted sand mandalas into the river, you start a new, ready to practice these principles again on your journey of enlightened recruitment. 041b061a72


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