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Vittaldas Tamil Bhajans Mp3 Free Download

How to Download Vittaldas Tamil Bhajans MP3 for Free

If you are looking for some soulful devotional songs in Tamil, you might want to check out the bhajans of Sri Sri Vittaldas Maharaj. He is a renowned singer and composer of bhajans, which are songs that praise the names and qualities of God. He has a melodious voice and a captivating style of singing that can fill your heart with joy and devotion.

vittaldas tamil bhajans mp3 free download

Bhajans are a form of Nama Sankeerthanam, which means singing the names of God. It is a way of expressing ones love and gratitude to the Supreme Lord, who is known by various names such as Rama, Krishna, Vittala, Panduranga, etc. Bhajans are also a means of meditation and purification of the mind.

Sri Sri Vittaldas Maharaj has composed and sung many bhajans in Tamil, which are based on the teachings and stories of saints like Sri Ramanuja, Sri Nammalvar, Sri Andal, Sri Tukaram, etc. He has also sung bhajans in other languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, etc. Some of his popular bhajans are Vittala Panduranga, Rama Rama, Radhey Radhey, Vittala Vittala, etc.

If you want to download Vittaldas Tamil Bhajans MP3 for free, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to and search for Sri Sri Vittaldas Maharaj.

  • You will see a list of his songs and albums. You can choose the ones you like and click on the play button to listen to them online.

  • If you want to download them offline, you will need to sign up for a Gaana Plus subscription, which costs Rs. 99 per month or Rs. 399 per year. You can also get a free trial for 30 days.

  • Once you have subscribed to Gaana Plus, you can click on the download button next to each song and save them on your device.

  • You can also download his songs from other websites such as YouTube, but you will need to use a third-party software or app to convert them to MP3 format.

Enjoy the divine music of Vittaldas Tamil Bhajans MP3 free download and feel the bliss of Nama Sankeerthanam!

Who is Sri Sri Vittaldas Maharaj?

Sri Sri Vittaldas Maharaj is a spiritual leader and a disciple of Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal. He was born in Chennai in 1964 and started singing bhajans at the age of five. He has a deep devotion to Lord Vittala, who is an incarnation of Lord Krishna. He travels across India and abroad to spread the message of Nama Sankeerthanam and Bhakti Yoga.

He has established many temples and ashrams in various places, such as Panduranga Kshetra in Govindapuram, Tamil Nadu, where he conducts annual festivals and events. He has also founded the Vittal Rukmini Samsthan, a charitable trust that supports various social and educational causes. He has received many awards and honors for his contributions to the field of music and spirituality.

What are the benefits of listening to Vittaldas Tamil Bhajans MP3?

Listening to Vittaldas Tamil Bhajans MP3 can have many benefits for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Some of them are:

  • It can reduce stress and anxiety by calming your mind and emotions.

  • It can improve your concentration and memory by enhancing your brain activity.

  • It can boost your immune system and prevent diseases by harmonizing your body functions.

  • It can increase your happiness and peace by elevating your mood and energy.

  • It can awaken your love and devotion by connecting you with the divine source.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Vittaldas Tamil Bhajans MP3 for free today and experience the magic of Nama Sankeerthanam! c481cea774

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