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Iwin Games - Syberia 1 - Adventure - Wendy99

travel to the beautiful islands of hawaii in this exciting hidden object game! a young couple is being held captive by a dangerous cult. play as a journalist who must use all her detective skills to find the missing couple and escape the cult's temple. solve challenging puzzles in a variety of stunning locations including a japanese temple, a native american village, a luxury resort, a temple in the mountains, and more! beautiful graphics compelling storyline 20 locations puzzle solving gameplay fantastic gameplay file size: 185 mb credit: wendy99 createsummaryandthumb(summary19274622507570347); read more

Iwin Games - Syberia 1 - Adventure - Wendy99

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experience the most exciting hidden object adventure yet! play as alex, a young woman who lives in paris and tries to solve a mysterious case in her spare time. help alex track down a missing piece of art in this visually stunning and fast-paced hidden object game. explore more than 30 locations in paris. solve 70 puzzles and encounter over 20 beautifully rendered characters along the way. download this full game via torrent here file size: 382 mb credit: wendy99 createsummaryandthumb(summary4249297781966546325); read more

you are arno. are you ready to find your destiny? arno, the legendary hero, is back and he has lost his memory. you must help arno rediscover who he is, and fight your way to the syberia - a fabulous hidden world full of mysteries and magical creatures. download this full game via torrent here file size: 1.55 gb credit: wendy99 createsummaryandthumb(summary5669092915506418571); read more


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