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Dungeon Slaves [v0.63] |VERIFIED|

Description: In this game you'll take the role of the maid Amy. Princess has decided to go and save lots of girls that are being taken by orcs and treated as sex slaves. That's not the easy task and she needs some help, yours as well. Prepare for battles and be ready to pay for your loss with sex.Patreon code: ADN700

Dungeon Slaves [v0.63]

--- Kind of a fix ---If you want to get past the king scene download (0.463 PC), export your saves from this versionGoogledungeon slaves 0.463 pc download megaor your [] and you will see a folder, open that, you see a [Persistent/Manifest] file+savesCopy over \Dungeon-Slaves-0.463-pc\game\savesso that your manifest/persistent file overwrites, and your saves beside itLaunch, spam-ignor 041b061a72


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