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(latest Update 13 Nov)Biya.rar __HOT__

Hello there!The new ep growing together will be available today on the updater? If you could possibly answer this question I will be grateful because I am so excited about it and I can not wait ?

(latest update 13 nov)Biya.rar

As soon as it is released by Electronic Arts (approx. 19.00 CET today).Just run your legal game and the EA app will update your game to the new version.For the cracked version please grant me some time, approx 1 hour after release.

Hello Tarac! Im new to this and everything works perfectly fine, but since we will be getting a new pack and update, do I need to do anything before/after my game updates? or all my DLCs are fine the way I have it right now? Do I have to delete the DLCs and download it again for this upcoming updates?

You can comment by pressing end on your keyboard.When your game starts with the choice on- or offline, you are starting a cracked gameYou probably overwrote your folder Game in your legal folder of The Sims 4 with a cracked version.Let Origin or the EA app repair your game.When you update your legal game with the Anadius Updater, click yes when prompted about your legal game

hi, thanks for the response. i dont have a legal game at all (downloaded it from before base game was free). i had a fully cracked game from a different site, but i am wondering if i can switch sites and can now use yours and the anadius updater, if i have an anadius version from a different site?

Sorry to bother you but last two packs not going in no matter what I try I am still using Origin will that make a difference Or do I need to update the ublocker (havent done it for a while as all was working ok )

Hello again Mr. Tarac! Thank you for replying, and also one more question: so I have to download the new DLCs files via the Updater now? Should I delete the previous ones or they will be immediately replaced later with the updated ones? Thank you so much again for your help!

Thank you for the reply Tarac. That page says you need pack system to install them. Will you include the updates with the new DLCs when they release or only the DLCs, as I cannot get the updates without the ISO you give.

my game is stuck on loading screen ever since i updated the game to the luxe desert kit. i tried to repair it and update again but still wont load into the game. it starts up and lets me start my last game or new game but wont take me to play mode. any tips or ideas??

hello! i redownloaded the updated game but whenever i try to run the game it says unable to start update or repair game via origin. i tried to update and repair game with your sims 4 update but still not working, i also cant copy the folder and move it into the installer folder. it says not enough space i need more gb. i tried it delete alot of my files but stil isnt working at all. please help? i downloaded the game from here before and it worked amazing i dont understand why it wont work now. please help thank you so much!

Do I need to download the final update 1.90.358.1030 to gain access of the high school years extension or can I just download update 1.90.375.1020 and still have the new dlc map withouth needing the other torrent ?

Unfortunately, a new update will not cure this problem.The online cannot be used anymore as Electronic Arts blocked itYou must have a legal base game now.At present the only way to access the gallery without a legal The Sims 4 is this method

Yes, you can play the present game directly from the mounted iso, however, you cannot use the updater to add future updates of the game.Reason: You cannot add or change items to a (mounted) iso, this will result in an error about insufficient disk space.Best thing is to mount the iso and copy the files from the mounted iso to a location on your hard (external) disk. When that is completed, you can safely delete the iso

Hi, I have cracked game still at and I want to update that to latest version, The question is I must download every version (71,72,..) or I just download the latest version update patch in this page?

I updated to high school pack using your updater, i get in the game and go to the world and it says locked. I click it and it says it need to be enabled through origin. Do i download your game folder and add it in like that, so the world can unlock?

Can you update last patch for Mac? this should be the latest version have the non-original version, can I go online and download the latest version without destroying the crack or do I need to download a patch from your site?Thanks

Since I already downloaded the All-in-one with the wedding dlc, do I need the anadius updater to update the game version or the iso on this page ??? (thought I tried the Full Update and it said that I need 11,6 go to copy the folder) Unless I just need to delete the old All-in-one and replace it with another one ?

Some people have issues with using the updater, it gives them errors when they try to update. My friend has that problem, we downloaded the same game files, installed it the same way on the same drive and when the update came I could update but she could not.

Is there a way to get the last version of the base game without all the DLC?I have a weak pc (bare minimun requirements) and my last update ruined the game (it works for less then 10min before the pc turns off)

Hey did you find a solution? I have the exact same problem. I tried both the updater and also manually inserting the two new kits into my already mounted file and nothing seems to work. I also tried using the file which should give you acces to modify the file but nothing. I even tried deleting it but there is no option to do so and there is also no eject option. I am so lost. The only thing I can think of is trying to dowload the new full version and change the name so it can substitute the old version but I am not sure I can even rename it

First, check for missing or incorrect files by running the Anadius Validator. Maybe when you know what files are missing, you can repair it yourself.Or run the Anadius Updater with the repair option instead of update.When that fails, you can download the base game from this page

im still having trouble adding SP31 decor to the max for my sims 4 origin (not steam), the game still state decor to the max as UNOWNED even tho i add the SP31 folder, and update my unlocker at your STEP 1.

hey i need your help so when i try to play the game after this update it gives unable to start error i tried every method but t is not working today i cut my electronic arts folder with all my mods in it and pasted it in my other drive and when i started the game it started perfectly so i dont know if it has anything to do with the mods or what and also can someone tell me how to check outdated mods and delete them

Run the Anadius Updater. This will update your game to including any missing DLC.Packed system users means people with a legit base game wanting to add pirated DLC to their game (see this page)

I downloaded the all in one 1.84.197 torrent and when i open the ts4.exe file i keep getting a message saying unable to start the contents of your user data directory were created by a newer version of Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. I thought this version included all updates up to 1.84.197 and that i will be able to just open and play

Thanks. But the game crashes upon start after 1.85 is installedI ran Anadis updater and it showed 2 files needed updates.Data/Client/ClientDeltaBuild0.packageData/Client/ClientDeltaBuild1.packageMeans those files are not complete in the ISO.

Hi i updated my game through anadius updater and when the game opened a message popped saying that an error has occured while trying to download the last express delivery..I tried repairing the game but nothing changed any ideas?

I downloaded the updated dlc through utorrent. mounted and added the folder to the installation folder. what next. I still see it as download to use vs owned when I start my game. I may be missing something as i have never downloaded dlc only i usually download the whole game

yes , it is in it. I mean wedding pack. All objects and of course Tartosa. When you use updater your game will be update and wedding pack will be installed. -sims-4/sims-4-download-update-repair-add-dlcs/its here.

thank u for your fast replybut actually i downloaded version so when i use anadius updater to fix the game it starts download 6gb worth of files presumably the newest update which i dont wantso is there a way to force it to version

Hey my version is 1.77 only up to cottage living and I want the latest update for the story progression neighborhood stories. Do I need to download each new update or can I just download the latest one?

That depends on whether or not I can filter the new details (files/folders) by comparison of versions 1.83 and 1.82.99.I always managed to do it so presume I can publish this new update a couple of hours after the official release by Electronic Arts. 041b061a72


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