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[S4E14] Bathroom Break !!LINK!!

She's known Dennis all of ten minutes. She shouldn't have been that territorial at all. But at least she got around to having an actual conversation with Dennis instead of the childish bathroom stuff she was doing before with Davia.

[S4E14] Bathroom Break

On a father/son camping trip with the Abbotts, Ephram reveals that he came back to Everwood because he is still in love with Amy, and Bright reveals that he might break up with Hannah because she doesn't believe in premarital sex. Back in town Ephram asks Reid not to date Amy at all and he backs off. Amy and Ephram repair their friendship. Studying together late one night, they wind up sleeping together. Afterward Ephram, wanting to repair their romantic relationship as well, gives Amy a Christmas present and reveals that he wrote her postcards while in Europe but never sent them to her. She asks to take them home and read them but later explains that she does not want to become romantically involved with Ephram again because she is trying to figure out her own identity.

Although they seem quite mismatched, Bright and Hannah continue to date. Her father finally passes away and Hannah's mother lets her choose to move home or stay in Everwood. Hannah decides to stay. Bright is elated, but he is also frustrated at Hannah's low self-esteem and forces her to see that she is beautiful by locking her in the bathroom and refusing to let her out until she looks at herself in the mirror. Hannah takes it one step further and invites Bright into the shower with her.

Bright breaks his hand trying to karate chop a piece of wood and wears a sling for several weeks. Hannah babies him incessantly, and they have a minor spat. Hannah obsesses over their relationship, and Bright runs into an old acquaintance, Ada (Kelly Carlson), an attractive blonde who once sold Bright and Ephram fake IDs. After a few beers together, he has a moment of weakness in judgment and lust and winds up sleeping with Ada. Ephram finds out, but Bright, although regretful, decides he isn't going to tell Hannah. Ephram disagrees, and they stop speaking. Amy wheedles the truth out of Ephram and declares that, if Bright doesn't tell Hannah, she will. Under pressure Bright admits the truth, and Hannah breaks up with him. She tells him she doesn't want him in her life at all, even as just a friend.

Reid begins to fail out of medical school and, as a last-ditch effort, cheats on a test. He is caught and expelled but pretends that everything is fine. Ephram finds Reid one morning on the bathroom floor unconscious after having taken an entire bottle of sleeping pills. Ephram feels immense guilt for not realizing that Reid was depressed. Upon recovery Reid again tries to pretend that everything is just fine and asks Amy out on a date. It is predictably a disaster, and Amy tells Reid that she learned from Colin's death that he has to deal with the things that made him try to commit suicide in the first place. Reid decides to move back home with his mother until he is fully recovered.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - "The Day Before He Died" - Annalise helps the "Keating 4" concoct a plan to prepare for another round of questioning after detectives get a break involving Simon's case. Meanwhile, Laurel discovers new details about the night Wes was killed which lead to a surprising confrontation, on ABC's "How to Get Away with Murder," THURSDAY, MARCH 8 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Byron Cohen)VIOLA DAVIS

Oliver manages to get into the hospital room again while Michaela distracts Tegan in the bathroom. In order to get the hard drive, Bonnie pays off one of the cops. The plan includes giving the hard drive to Simon so he can turn it over to the FBI and receive his green card, which is what he ultimately wants.

Howard, Bernadette, and Leonard go to visit Raj after not hearing from him for a few days. Howard says that he can always feel when Raj is in trouble. Bernadette asks how close were the before she met him. Leonard tells her to not look under that rock. They get him to open the door after he complains that nothing good ever happens to him. Inside they find Raj moping over Lucy looking terrible and his apartment is a wreck. Raj tells them that he was humiliated by yet another woman. Howard asks him if he chopped her up and if that was what they smelled. Raj explains that he took her to get coffee and that she left. She had climbed out a very tiny window in the bathroom meaning that she was highly motivated to leave. The guys tell him that he has to shake himself out of his "depression; however, he claims that he is never going to leave his apartment, especially since he can order anything from Amazon including lobster. Howard and Leonard find this last point interesting since they could put together an order of Surf and Turf. Bernadette wakes them up since they want to get Raj out and not get themselves settled in. Raj tells them to leave him alone and goes into the bedroom. Before they leave Bernadette says they could talk about it over lobster, saying only she had the decency to wait on her lobster craving until he left the room.

Larissa says she tried to make the marriage work, but Colt argues otherwise. He also admits that he still loves Larissa. During the commercial break, Colt tries to bro-out with one of the producers over his lady troubles, failing to realize the guy probably only approached him to switch out his microphone batteries.

When Lincoln returns, Michael tries to impart what he's learned but Lincoln doesn't care. He isn't concerned with stopping the Company, only with protecting his family, likening his deal with the Company to Michael's original plan to break out of Fox River. He also shares another revelation, one learned from the General's files: Michael and Lincoln's mother also worked for the Company. Michael pleads with Lincoln not to help their enemy, but Lincoln, satisfied that this action will keep his brother safe, leaves Michael in his hospital room to rejoin the hunt for Scylla.

With a triumphant scream of "I told you cornfields are awesome!" Jake prepares to attack, only for Finn's "Ancient Scholar" to emerge from the undamaged "Schoolhouse." Finn explains that his scholar had been studying a "raise the dead" ability, which he uses to resurrect his pig. Jake looks on in frustration as Finn floops his pig once more, devastating Jake's knights by destroying his cornfields. Finn then notices that his "Spirit Tower" is "doing a thing" as it brings Jake's "Immortal Maize Walker" over to Finn's side. Aghast at the "ganking" of his Maize Walker. Angered, Jake walks away from the table, grumbling to himself in frustration. A worried Finn suggests a break, only for Jake to grow to a huge size and dangle Finn off his finger, ordering him to play the game. After recalling BMO's statement that it does not play Card Wars with Jake, Finn says he needs to go to the bathroom (or the "boy's style room") so he can get away from the table and find BMO.

The guys get sassy while posing as auto parts salesmen, then head to the mall where they try to reel in unsuspecting shoppers; tonight's big loser is stuck in a horrible mess after being locked inside a rigged bathroom of horrors.

MANAGERNo, they didn't just wander in. They were released by a crazy woman. She came in with an animal carrier, and -- and before I knew what was happening, she set free a dozen rats in the middle of my breakfast rush. I mean, it was chaos. I want her arrested for biological terrorism.

JORDANI thought that if I was a good person who worked hard and was nice to people, good things would come back to me. And all I got was this pile of crap. So, today, I decided we make our own karma. If that means you need to arrest me... [Voice breaking] I still say it's worth it.

Ricky's been driving for hours, refusing to stop somewhere to eat because of his intense determination to get good mileage. Finally, it gets so late that even Ricky is starving. After being gypped out of a dinner consisting of Aunt Sally's legendary pecan pralines, Ricky says he'll stop at the next available restaurant. The gang has the unfortunate luck of having the next place be George Skinner's cabin, where the only thing to eat is old cheese sandwiches. Everybody leaves, and Lucy takes over driving for tired Ricky. When she sees a sign that says "good accommodations, wonderful food, 5 miles," she follows the sign. It ends up being a trick sign George Skinner put up that leads cars in a circle right back to his place.Too tired to drive all the way to Cincinatti for a hotel, the foursome decides to rent George Skinner's lone cabin. What a dump it ends up being. There is a double bed with a mattress so lumpy that you sink in the middle, a set of bunk beds that doesn't even come with a ladder for the top bunk, and a tiny bathroom. What's worse is that the cabin is right near railroad tracks, and every time a train goes by, the whole cabin shakes and moves the double bed across the floor.

The clenched fist on the right is a fairly obvious reference to another burst of rage that is significantly more public. A small amount of road rage goes a lot further than it should at the end of this episode when an average Joe suffers Marty's wrath. Unfortunately, the money launderer simply reaches his breaking point in this hour, and the hapless driver is simply the closest thing worth punching.

Picking up from Season 3's cliffhanger finale, Ross is revealed to have entered Rachel's room, and ultimately choosing Rachel over Bonnie. As he enters the room, he sees both women. Bonnie has shaved her head, and it has consequently gotten sun burnt, Rachel is helping her apply sunblock onto it. Bonnie leaves the room when Ross is seen, and after sharing a kiss with Rachel, Ross goes to break up with Bonnie. When he returns to Rachel's room and informs her that he has ended his relationship with Bonnie and she has left, he is bemused to then learn that while he was doing this Rachel had written him a letter that is eighteen pages long, front and back. Understandably tired after breaking up with Bonnie, Ross falls asleep at the kitchen table reading the letter, and when he wakes up the next morning, he lies and claims that he has read the letter thoroughly and carefully when he has not finished it. Believing him, Rachel asks him "Does it?" Unsure of what she wants him to say, Ross takes a guess and says "It does." It immediately becomes clear that this is exactly what Rachel was hoping he would say - she is overjoyed and they get back together. When he later gets a chance to actually read the letter however, he discovers that Rachel wants him to take full responsibility for all that went wrong in their relationship, and is outraged. 041b061a72


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