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Erotica Sex Story: Maria Castelo is a Brazilian bombshell, but also a smart girl, the lab assistant of Professor Keaton. The busty and beautiful Latina is known as the best cocksucker in Campus and has never had any problem with it. Until the day when a tape with her 'performance' at a frat party falls in the hands of Mr. Keaton. What will the proper and bashful man do with it?

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Maria Castelo walks the campus in small fast steps. Her 4" spiked high heels prevents the hot Latina from going faster. She notices all the male students turn their heads to see the young busty girl walk by, her large braless hooters sway beautifully with each exaggerated little step. The girls give her evil stares, hating the fact that the big titted girl is able to draw their boyfriend's attention with her large and firm bubble butt and gigantic jugs.

Maria feels lost, too stunned to react, she dries her tears and lowers her head in shame. The busty Brazilian knows this can ruin her life, and it is also a terrible scandal for the University. She knows it can make the news; her professional life would end before it even started!

The busty girl moans again at his touch. This is not what she would expect from her respectable old professor. But if he wants a piece of her ass to keep his mouth shut... ok! She is used to let guys fuck her, what is the difference? Maria is no 'goody goody' girl, and having sex to get what she wants is ok with her.

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