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Two Night Stand

Megan is unemployed and single, and one day she joins a dating website. Her roommates, who just want her to move out, invite her to a party at a club. After a bouncer refuses to let her into the club on the grounds that she looks too young and she did not have her ID, she runs into her ex-fiancé, Chris, and later decides to have a one-night stand with one of the men she found on the website, Alec.

Two Night Stand

The next morning, they are less than cordial to each other, but Megan is unable to leave because of a blizzard. Forced to spend more time together, the two end up telling each other what they did wrong the previous night, convinced that they will never see each other again, and Megan suggests that they "try again". The two have sex again, with far better results.

The plot would eventually mirror a natural disaster the production faced once it came time to shoot. "The script was one out of a hundred where I thought, 'I have to do this movie'", Nichols said. "I was intrigued from the very premise. The characters are smart and funny, but the story digs much deeper ... It reminded me of coming-of-age stories from my youth." Nichols read the script, which appeared on The Black List in December 2011, and pitched his vision of the story to producers Beau Flynn, Ruben Fleischer and Adam Yoelin. "I was shooting a Willie Nelson video in Austin, TX in May [2012] and got a call that I [was on board]", said Nichols. "We immediately started casting the film and were lucky to have a lot of talented actors and actresses who were interested, but there was something about [Lio] Tipton's 'Megan' that caught my attention." Nichols said it was "essential" that her character's "date" Alec understand that "he's never met a girl like her and can't let her go." Miles Teller joined the cast soon afterward as Alec and the rest of casting was completed in late summer.[7]

But, as with most romantic comedies, the story falls apart with the formulaic injection of tension and the ensuing resolution, which is utterly outrageous even by rom-com standards. So even if the characteristics of the main players change, as they shy away from ambition and avoid commitment, the game apparently stays the same.

After an extremely regrettable one night stand, two strangers wake up to find themselves snowed in after sleeping through a blizzard that put all of Manhattan on ice. They're now trapped together in a tiny apartment, forced to get to know each other way more than any one night stand should.

The Max Nichols-directed flick tells the story of two characters, played by Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller, who meet online and hook up for a one-night stand, but a snow storm forces them to spend more time than they had originally planned. Cudders will play boyfriend to Tipton's roommate, who is played by Jessica Szohr ("Gossip Girl"), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Working in a medley of different genres that includes - but is not limited to - John Hughes' 80s work and that special subset of films that feel, compellingly, like watching theater, Max Nichols has a lot of fun with his debut feature, Two Night Stand. The film takes place almost entirely in the apartment of Alec (Miles Teller), a young Brooklynite who's waking up after a one-night-stand with the attractive Megan (Analeigh Tipton), whom he's just met. Things get awkward and Megan leaves - except she can't exit the building: a horrible snowstorm has rendered the building's residents trapped inside for the time being. Forced to hang with Alec, the two characters find themselves slowly getting to know one another the day after their sexual encounter. It's fitting that, in addition to the influences of seminal teen movies of Nichols' youth, the influence of a certain theatrical kind of filmmaking is apparent in the picture - Nichols, after all, is the progeny of theater-to-film master Mike Nichols, whose credits include, among other classics, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? I had the chance to speak recently with Nichols about how his debut feature came together.

MN: There are many ways where we understand that there's a disconnect between something as an idea and the reality of it. I think that's true for Megan and Alec when they hook up - that this thing that's supposed to be easy and casual and fun winds up being more complicated for them. I think men and women often feel, when it comes to talking about sex or love, that it's easier if you can speak about things candidly. I think Alec, for example, wishes he could talk about sex with a girlfriend the way he can talk about it with his guy friends. Ultimately, however, I think Alec and Megan both walk away from that conversation understanding that there's a value in being delicate with other peoples' feelings.

Roger Waters wrapped up his two-night Brooklyn residency at Barclays Center with a nearly three-hour long set on Tuesday night (9/12) that was as career-spanning and politically scathing as it was utterly instagrammable. This current tour, titled Us + Them, has been winding its way around North America since May like a screaming laser and LED soaked freight train, leaving in its wake tens of thousands of spectators reeling in a cloud of fog and "RESIST" confetti.

One thing that constantly grouses at my fanboy mind is that Roger's past several tours have been more a celebration of his work with Pink Floyd and have largely ignored his immense output as a solo artist. This nagging problem is even more apparent in my mind at the moment because he is touring on the heels of one of the greatest solo albums he has ever conceived. I would absolutely kill to see him perform this album in its entirety. Heck, I'd kill to see a set that leans exclusively on The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, Amused to Death and ITTLWRW?, ditching Floyd completely. I mean, I realize this might not have the commercial potential of a tour like Us + Them, but I do feel he should at least once celebrate his solo career live. And write an autobiography. And do something about getting Alan Parker's The Wall remastered and released on Blu-ray. Regardless, if all that I touch and all that I see is all my life will ever be, as Dark Side of the Moon posits, then last night's show enriched mine exponentially.

Roger Waters wrapped up his two-night Brooklyn residency at Barclays Center with a nearly three-hour long set on Tuesday night (9/12) that was as career-spanning and politically scathing as it was utterly instagrammable.\nRead More

This attempt as a latter-day screwball romance, released in time for Valentine's Day, is charming in parts but also contrived. Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller (the young drummer from Whiplash) play a couple stranded in an apartment during a snowstorm. They've connected online and met in his apartment for a one-night stand, only to become stuck with each other till the snow melts.

Those who are willing to hang up their rom-com skepticism for the night will be swept into the adorable romance that forms between the pair as they go through all the motions of dating in the space of a day, and learn to be better friends and lovers.

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There is no doubt that coming out of one of the biggest boy bands of the century cemented Styles to have a massive dedicated fanbase once his solo career began, but the deep, idolic dedication is awe-inspiring. Fans hoping to get as close to Harry as possible in the pit started lining up the night before the concert, braving the cold of the night outside of State Farm Arena.

While his time in Atlanta was limited to a two night stand, Styles left it all out on the stage and left his Georgia fans thirsting for a new album, a new tour and the hopes of a return back to the city.

PUBLIC ON SALE: Tickets go on sale Fri, October 21st at 10:00am (MST) at the Top Hat in Missoula, online or by phone at 1 (800) 514-3849. Reserved premium balcony seating tickets and general admission standing room tickets are available. A limited number of discounted 2-night passes are also available HERE. All ages are welcome.

As a testament to the power of good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation as aphrodisiac, the film works fairly well, if not as a primer on safe online dating. Only in Hollywood is venturing to the apartment of a total stranger to spend the night a good idea. 041b061a72


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