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Before delving into the benefits of the beautiful Ojas Body Scrub, we'd like to add this personal note for you : We are so excited about this beautiful launch for we know you will be obsessed with Ojas having experienced its miraculous working on your skin. The coffee granules present in Ojas are perfectly milled, they have their natural oils intact. We've used extremely premium, farm fresh coffee, to give you and your skin only the best of results. Ojas also has perfectly milled black tea extracts, black tea has the highest amount of anti-oxidants and is known to reduce, eliminate scars. Ojas is an all natural, as clean as edible, no-oil, non drying, extremely smoothening, glowing skin body scrub handcrafted for you from India. 


Gist of benefits of Ojas :


  • Ojas Glowing Skin Body Scrub gives you the smoothest, the most glowing & even toned skin.
  • Its antioxidant rich formula has perfectly milled granules that scrub away acne scars on skin and fade away tan.
  • Prevents ingrown hair by polishing away dead skin cells.
  • Cleanses your skin, gently and deeply, to prevent body acne.
  • Prevents itching and bumps on inner thighs due to accumulation of sweat and dead skin cells in skin pores. Them perfectly sized granules clean the area, gently and deeply, to prevent any bacterial/fungal growth.
  • Keeps your skin’s moisture intact due to the presence of natural coffee oil in the perfectly milled coffee granules.
  • Ojas  is gentle enough to use on your body, daily.


How to reap the benefits from Ojas / How to use :


Rinse your body with plain water. Take a handful of “Ojas Glowing Skin Body Scrub” and apply it on to your wet skin. Gently massage and scrub the skin all over your body down from your neck to the toes. Rinse with plain water.

Ojas : Glowing Skin Body Scrub

100 Grams
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