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All Natural, 100% Effective, Powerful Herbal Formulation - Specifically Designed for OILY Skin

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For years, we have researched upon, experimented with, studied various ayurveda herbs to solve skincare issues relating to acne, pigmentation, uneven skin-tone. We put the acquired knowledge into formulating the most effective, pure herbal concoctions to clear your skin from acne, pimples and give you your most deserved flawless skin back.

We have proved it in real time, we have results backing our claims from people who have cleared their skin using our herbal concoctions. Ayurveda herbs are powerful healers and we have harnessed this power through our ubtans and mists for your skin.

You already know from your experience that the market is filled with products claiming to cure your acne, but they do not really cure acne pimple, rather they aggravate skin conditions further due to the presence of pore clogging chemicals. Even modern medical science doesn’t have a proper solution for acne pimple. It is either gut destroying antibiotics that get recommended in clinics or skin sensitizing harsh chemical peels and  microdermabrasion, none of which really help your skin permanently. 

We understand you. We understand how suffering from acne, pimples can take a toll on your confidence. We understand the feeling “Why me?" Will I get my clear and beautiful skin back? ​Yes, you will and we promise to help you get your clear and beautiful skin back.

This is where we at The Pure Indian Store have taken a pledge to genuinely help you !!

Every morning, wash your face with GULABI
Gulabi for Skin Brightning.png

Wash your face with Sanjeevani first thing in your morning skincare routine to clear excess oil and sebum from your skin.

Sanjeevani is an anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant rich cleanser that harnesses the power of green tea, neem, star anise, oats to gently purify and clean your skin without stripping it. Sanjeevani is formulated to help calm down inflammation from acne while also cleansing skin gently.

Apply SUNDARAM on face - keep for 10min & wash 
Sundaram for Skin Brightning.png

After cleansing your face with Sanjeevani, use SURAKSHA mask. 

Suraksha works magic clearing those painful, pesky pimples while also brightening skin.

Suraksha is an anti bacterial and a calming face pack, it is especially designed for inflamed and acne prone skin that needs both calming and clearing attributes of herbs.
Sandalwood oil is revered in Ayurveda for its cooling and skin clearing properties, neem is anti bacterial, orange peel and multani mitti work synchronously to remove scars. Suraksha helps clear troubled skin gently.

Spray pure & preservative free VETIVER MIST on your face
Vetiver Water for Acne Pimple Remover.png

Vetiver mist is another must have for someone with oily, troubled skin.

Vetiver is extremely cooling for the skin, it brings down, body heat, and calms inflammation. Vetiver is a great natural antioxidant and an alkalizer. The Pure Indian Store Vetiver mist is made from steam distilling vetiver roots and it contains the right amount of residue vetiver oil which is varnya in nature which means it brightens the complexion and reduces melanin production in skin.

Kesar for Skin Brightning_edited.jpg

In the evening, before bed, clean your face once again with SANJEEVANI. This will clean all the excess oil and dirt that has accumulated on your skin throughout the day. Sajeevani keeps your skin fresh and clear from harmful bacteria and fungi.

In the evening wash your face with UJJWAL
Ujjwal for Skin Brightning.png

Ujjwal stands true to its name, it is a classic Haldi Chandan (Tumeric - Sandalwood) face pack that will keep making you glow/ujjwal everytime you use it. Ujjwal is suitable for all skin types and because tumeric and sandalwood heal skin, they help rid skin of acne, scars, pigmentation gradually with time. Topical application of sandalwood oil is studied to be effective against skin pigmentation by helping skin regenerate faster. Curcumin, an antioxidant present in turmeric is studied to lighten skin pigmentation. Ujjwal is a very brightening ubtan, it is as natural and has no preservatives or harmful chemical actives.

Spray pure & preservative free ROSE MIST on your face
Rose Water for Acne Pimple Remover.png

Toning with anti-oxidant rich Rose Water balances your skin's pH.

For more than 400 years, the Indian city of Kannauj has been distilling flowers to make perfume. Your Rose water comes from the most rose dense region in India, Kannauj. Freshly plucked roses are steam distilled to create this beautiful and nutrient dense rose water. Rose water is revered in Ayurveda for its skin cooling properties, it is tridoshic which means Rose water is good for all skin types.

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