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100% Natural and Ayurvedic

Our products are 100% natural and inspired by Ayurvedic recipes.

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Simaab Siddique

Gulabi is so so so sooooo good .. my skin has not felt this soft for a very long time ..its actually glowing !!!!! Even kaya swach is good and the mist , its so relaxing. Have just used the products once ..i loved loved lovedddd it. Swati I am so happy with the mist and Gulabi , that I am eager to see what else do you launch in near future.

About Us

Why The Pure Indian Store?


I found The Pure Indian Store (all natural ayurveda skincare) with a vision to be the one stop Indian Store that caters to the needs of result seeking consumers through pure and potent nature formulations. TPIS is also a way of worshipping nature by giving back more to farmers that bring us the fruit of their labor through fruits, herbs, spices, grains etc, them being an integral part of all TPIS goodies.


Through TPIS I aim to bring the best of nature and ancient Indian formulations to help boost your health, fitness and beauty, the pure way.


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