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To install a SUSE Linux and the VMware Tools and then to create the virtual machine, you need to use the VNC Server which can be accessed remotely via a Virtual Machine (VMware Player). The Host OS should be a SUSE Linux distribution, free as possible (LibreOffice, Webmin, GKrellM, etc).

While VMware Workstation Pro can play videos and use various other media, it doesn't support the Win32.avi,.avi,.mts,.mpeg, or other codecs. To view these files you'll need Win32 media-players such as Windows Media Player, VLC, or other media players.

VMware Workstation Pro is included with the VMware Workstation Player which can be downloaded for free at the VMware web site. You can start the program, download VMware Workstation Pro from, and log into the VMware virtual machine console with VMware Workstation. As in the VMware Player example, you can download VMware Workstation Pro here (USD 9.95) as well as the VMware Workstation Player (free) and the VMware Tools, and then you'll have these tools once the VMware Tools is installed on the virtual machine and subsequently activated.

The VMware virtual machine console usually logs you in automatically. The virtual machine console normally displays the virtual machine configuration, the virtual machine's state, and information about the virtual machine's network configuration.

The virtual machines created by the VMware Console can be stored on a VMware datastore using the workstation datastore. The VMware datastore provides a way to save a snapshot of a virtual machine. 3d9ccd7d82

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