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Alone With Her (2006) [CRACKED]

Alone with Her is a 2006 American suspense film directed by Eric Nicholas and starring Ana Claudia Talancón, Colin Hanks, Jordana Spiro. The plot is about a tech-savvy stalker who uses spy cameras to force his way into the life of a young woman.[1]

Alone with Her (2006)


The film starts with Doug (Colin Hanks) seeking out his next prey. He becomes obsessed with a woman named Amy (Ana Claudia Talancón), and sneaks numerous spy cameras in her apartment. By doing this, he is able to learn details of her life, and what he learns about things like her musical and film tastes he uses to seduce her.[1]

He meets her at a coffee shop a few times and strikes up conversations with her. The two become friends,[1] but it seems as though Amy isn't interested in continuing the relationship further. Using what he learns about her through the cameras, he gets her fired from her job by breaking into her car, stealing her computer and stops her burgeoning relationship with a co-worker.

Amy then discovers that Doug installed a spy camera in her bedroom when he makes a remark about her masturbating. After a struggle, Doug eventually kills Amy. The film ends with Doug seeking out his next prey.

As of October 2009, the film had a 69% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, based on 29 critic reviews. With the consensus being "Alone With Her is a tense psychological thriller that overcomes its contrivances with fine performances and a perpetually unsettling mood."

An alternate ending, included with the DVD, shows Amy getting the upper hand over Doug in the final fight, and bashing him with a blunt object. As he lies on the bed, dazed, she prepares to bash him in the head just as the camera shorts out, and we hear a large thud. The scene changes to Amy sobbing in her living room after she has torn her home apart looking for hidden cameras.

What lengths will Doug go to in order to ensure that Amy winds up with him? Will Doug and the unsuspecting Amy become a couple? Does Amy wise up and realize, before it is too late, that Doug is not what he seems? All of those questions and more will be revealed by the conclusion of the film, which has a runtime of 78 minutes.

The harrowing story of a disturbed young man's attempts to win the affections of an unsuspecting young woman. When Doug first sees Amy, he instantly falls for her and begins to watch her every move, going so far as to set up spy cameras in her apartment. However, as his fascination grows into obsession he's no longer satisfied with just watching.

A found-footage stalker flick that does the same for living alone that The Blair Witch Project did for hiking in the woods, which will make you think twice before talking to a random stranger in a coffee shop ever again. This is a strong example of an indie filmmaker being extremely resourceful with budgetary constraints and by combining a Peeping Tom premise with his innovative use of home surveillance, Eric Nicholas concocts a suspenseful pot-boiler that, ironically, feels a little too-close-to-home.

There's a lot going on in this movie. It's jam packed with sexual social commentary and presented in a way that made it feel immediate and real. Not a comfortable or a fun watch, but it is hard to look away from. Colin Hanks plays a Nice Guy (TM) so creepy that you will want to call the cops on him. Ana Claudia Talancón is amazing. I was surprised that I hadn't heard of her before. Looks like she has been in a bunch of Spanish language films. May need to check some of those out. Jesus, now I sound like the creepy stalker fella haha!

creepy, cuck found footage cinema that plays out like a stalker simulator and opens with on-screen statistics about how often women are stalked in the US, which only adds to how exploitative this all is; none of this is to say it is bad - it excels at what it delivers both as a found footage movie and as a perverse mid-2000s artifact - but it is bound to raise questions about its motive which may very well just be to showcase a shlubby Colin Hanks getting his kicks off of shower spy cams

I heard about this movie from a favorite horror movies list so I decided to add it to my horror movie watchlist. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like this one based on the way it started out. It is filmed strictly through spy cams. I was fine with that, but it did take me a while to get into this movie. It plays into the warning about how tech is making it easier to stalk someone. Once the story really gets going then it wasn't too bad. I don't know how many people would go to this extent to stalk someone, but it was still interesting to watch him insert himself slowly into her life.

"Anytime. Anywhere. He's watching."A stalker (Colin Hanks) uses cheap store-bought surveillance equipment to spy on a beautiful young woman (Ana Claudia Talacon). By hiding the surveillance equipment, consisting of cameras and microphones, everywhere in her house, he learns her deepest secrets and tries to seduce her with that knowledge.

  • Tropes for the film: Bluff the Imposter: When Amy and her best friend, Jen, are having lunch, Jen asks him if he'd been to a particular fashion district in Seattle (since he claims to be from Seattle). He says yes, and once he's out of the room, Jen reveals that she made the fashion district up.

  • I Never Said It Was Poison: The tipoff that Doug has planted surveillance cameras in the house of the girl he's courting, Amy, is when she rejects him and he starts ranting:"...I did everything for you, but you want to go back? To what? Huh? To being alone? To this empty room? To that brush?". Earlier in the movie, he'd caught a live feed of her masturbating with the hairbrush.

  • Karma Houdini: After some illegal surveillance, a dognapping, and two murders, the film ends with Villain Protagonist Doug in a new town, picking a new girl to stalk.

  • The Peeping Tom: The entirety of the film is shown through the spy cameras Doug has hidden in his clothes and in Amy's home.

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Ana Claudia Talancón making out with a guy and pulling off her shirt, showing her left breast as she lies on her side with the guy in bed. We then see both breasts when the guy sits up and she talks to him, pulling her knees up to her chest. Hi-res DVD capture from Alone with Her.

Ana Claudia Talancón on her back lying in bed with her right nipple exposed before she rolls over against a guy giving us a few more brief glimpses of her areola. Hi-res DVD capture from Tear This Heart Out.

Ana Claudia Talancón lying on her back in a nightgown with her hand between her legs rubbing herself and moaning and breathing heavily as another woman watches through a window all while a narrator talks over the scene. Hi-res DVD capture from Tear This Heart Out (AKA Arráncame la vida).

Ana Claudia Talancón making out with a guy and putting her hand down his pants and groping him before he opens her dress and pulls her blue bra down to reveal her right breast all as they continue to kiss. Hi-res DVD capture from Tear This Heart Out (AKA Arráncame la vida).

Ana Claudia Talancón sitting up in bed giving us some glimpses of the sides of her breasts and a good look at her ass as she stands up to put on some pants before putting on a black bra all while talking with a guy. Hi-res DVD capture from Tear This Heart Out.

Ana Claudia Talancón on top of a guy having sex with him in a white nightgown as he feels her breasts and then giving us a close up topless view of her breasts while he runs his hands over them. Hi-res DVD capture from Purgatorio (AKA Purgatory).

Ana Claudia Talancón lying nude in a bathtub washing herself with rose petals covering her nipples before she stands up nude and gets out of the tub and walks over to a mirror all as a guy spies on her. Hi-res DVD capture from Purgatorio (AKA Purgatory).

Ana Claudia Talancón standing in a room and removing her robe to reveal her breasts with her long hair covering her nipples as the camera pans around her body. Hi-res DVD capture from Purgatorio (AKA Purgatory).

Ana Claudia Talancón lying on her back having sex with a guy while wearing a white dress with her breasts and nipples popping out a bit every now and then all as another guy spies on them. Hi-res DVD capture from Purgatorio (AKA Purgatory).

Julia Brendler standing in front of a guy as he slips her dress off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. He then lays her down as Julia shows full-frontal nudity, giving us a look at her breasts and bush as the guy starts having sex with her. Hi-res DVD capture from Moondance.

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This movie stars Ana Claudia Talancon as an average young woman who accidently attracts a stalker who loves to use surveillance equipment. He goes to parks and stores just to look up young women's panties but when he sees Ana Claudia Talancon, he kind of goes over the edge. In these video clips our stalker is peeping at Ana and eventually even manages to get her interested in having sex with him, but he just can't seal the deal. The good news is that Ana is one gorgeous young girl with a firm little body, so there are tons of erotic voyeuristic scenes.

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