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VA - Ibiza Session 2023 - For DJs Only (2023) Fix

On March 31st, 1st and 2nd April 2023, Sónar returns to Lisbon once again to present technology, creativity and the most advanced music in a renewed and inspiring format. Despite only being the second edition of Sónar Lisboa, the event marks 30 years since the first ever Sónar festival in Barcelona, the founding city of the celebrated festival. Sónar Barcelona will celebrate its 30th edition between June 15th and 17th 2023. Three decades of Sónar as a space for discovery and inspiration, as a platform for several generations of local and international artists, and constant innovation in electronic music and culture will be commemorated.

VA - Ibiza Session 2023 - For DJs Only (2023)

(2023) Short breaks from Fort Lauderdale visit Bahamas (3-4- day to Nassau+CocoCay). Short breaks from Miami visit Western Caribbean (4-5-day to Falmouth Jamaica+Nassau) and Eastern Caribbean (4-day to Labadee Haiti).

(2023) Returning to Port Canaveral (Orlando) for the 3rd consecutive summer, Mariner OTS offers short and longer itineraries of 5-7-8-night to Bermuda, the Eastern-Western-Southern Caribbean to destinations like Dominicana, Aruba, Curacao, St Croix USVI. On all 8-night Bermuda and CocoCay cruises, there are 2 nights in Bermuda. 041b061a72


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