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How To Make The Wombles Work For You

Wombles care for and educate their young at a communal level. As with human children, immature Wombles are taught reading, writing and athletic skills, which they learn by playing a game called "Wombles and Ladders". Some older Wombles play this game too, though most regard it as childish. Below a certain (unspecified) age, all Wombles are nameless; upon being deemed to be of working age, a Womble chooses his or her name by looking through Great Uncle Bulgaria's large atlas until they find a name that suits them. Some, Bungo for example, "merely shut their eyes tight and point and hope for the best".[8] They then leave Miss Adelaide's "Womblegarten" and join in the communal work of the burrow, which is mostly clearing up and recycling human refuse.

How to make The Wombles work for you

Four of the books were illustrated by Margaret Gordon. The Wombles at Work (1973) was illustrated by Barry Leith, who worked on set design for the original FilmFair series. The appearance of the Wombles in the books followed the design of the Ivor Wood TV puppets, with the exception of original editions of The Wombles (1968) and first printings of The Wandering Wombles, which preceded the TV series and depicted the Wombles as teddy bear-like creatures. When the 1973 animated Wombles series was in pre-production, a decision was made to change the design of the characters so that they did not resemble teddy bears, as it was felt that there were too many children's shows with teddy bear characters. There is a reference in the first book to dark brown being the colour of their fur (with the exception of the oldest Wombles whose fur turns white) but this was changed to silvery grey, save for the neck, which is black. Some of the toys and book illustrations do not show the black fur on the neck.

Songwriter and producer Mike Batt wrote the series' theme tune, but negotiated the musical rights to the characters in place of the traditional composer's fee. In an effort to promote the Wombles' first single, he had his mother make him a Womble costume, which he wore for most of the working week. After the Wombles' first chart hit, he went on to perform and produce a number of successful novelty singles as The Wombles in the 1970s.[1] They amassed eight Top 40 singles in the UK and reached No. 55 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart with 1974's, "Wombling Summer Party" single on Columbia Records. They were awarded the Music Week Award for Top Singles Band of 1974. Reissues of the Wombles' music in the late 1990s and early 2000s also charted, extending their number of UK chart hits to thirteen.

A feature-length live-action movie Wombling Free was released in 1977, written and directed by Lionel Jeffries and starring The Wombles, David Tomlinson, Frances de la Tour and Bonnie Langford. A soundtrack album was released in 1978. A region 2 DVD of the film was released by Network in 2006, containing the film in its theatrical aspect ratio, the original theatrical trailer, and archive interviews with Jeffries, Tomlinson and Langford.[16]

In the first book, Bungo is the youngest and least experienced of the team, and the story is mostly viewed through his eyes. Later Wellington (who was not introduced until the second book) took over the role of "new boy", and even later on, Shansi takes Bungo's place as the youngest working Womble. Alderney and Miss Adelaide appeared in the earlier books but were not included in the original 1970s TV series. Alderney was re-introduced in the later TV shows produced in the 1990s (the Channel Island of Alderney was actually Elisabeth Beresford's home at the time), along with Stepney (who appeared in none of the earlier versions).

And, alas, if not surprising in a book published in 1968, the way that the male Wombles are typically the ones who head out to Wimbledon to gather trash and later make things, while the women stay beneath the earth and focus on cooking and serving food. I almost lost track of the number of times Alderney finds herself serving tea. But, and this is probably important, Alderney enjoys pushing her little cart around, and when she does emerge to the surface, she tends to be more daring and adventurous than the boys. And Madame Cholet, the cook, following the great literary tradition of cooks in great households, wields tremendous influence, while being the most kindhearted and generous of the Wombles. Think Mrs. Patmore, only working with considerably less fresh materials most of the time.

There has been a huge festival and no end of rubbish has been left behind - everything from umbrellas to shoes, drinks cans and bottles. Who would have thought humans could leave so much behind, not bothering to recycle? The Wombles have their work cut out for them . . .

I may be reacting in part because it seems a bit odd to see this gender disparity in a book otherwise so fixated on the importance of caring for the environment and sharing everything you have, even food. The environmental message is in some ways slightly toned down here, replaced by adventures on the road, and in other ways greatly increased: destructive Human activities are described as not merely creating hard work for Wombles, but as potentially fatal. The sighs of the Loch Ness Womble for earlier days, when Water Wombles could be free to play and enjoy their cleaning and recycling activities, are all too real, and the picture drawn of Wombles suffocating and almost dying as their home collapses above them, thanks to the human desire for more and more goods transported by lorries, is all far too real. It was a message Beresford would intensify in the next Womble book.

Councillor Nigel Grundy, Portfolio holder for Neighbourhood Services and Assets said of the group: Everyone at Blaby District Council is immensely grateful to every member of the South Leicestershire Litter Wombles and the associated groups, including Enderby. The litter picking that they undertake is incredible and is beyond anything we could maintain as a local authority, they should be applauded by everyone who lives, works and visits the Blaby District.

Anyone looking to join a wombling group should check out the South Leicestershire Litter Wombles Facebook page. For more information on the work they do in schools, visit the Wombles in Litter Education page.

Being fulfilled in the background, Jupka has never had her sights set on receiving public recognition for her work. So receiving the UMSL Hero Award took her by surprise. But Roxanne Vandermause, dean the College of Nursing, nominated Jupka for the award and believes her work and work ethic deserve acknowledgement.

Nearly 10 years after coming to UMSL, Klekamp is still enjoying her role helping students chart their academic path. The fact that UMSL serves so many nontraditional students makes her work even more rewarding.

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I really enjoy seeing the scope of ideas and it never fails to impress how children convey these using video. Whether they be drama or animation or mixed media, the quality of entries never fails to impress and to be honest, it always gives me ideas to bring into my work! I also enjoy being part of something where children are rewarded for their hard work and commitment and this is always very satisfying.

The Wombles is the first in the Wombles series of books and introduces many of the favourite Womble characters, including the stern but kindly Great Uncle Bulgaria and Orinoco, fond of his food and a subsequent forty winks.Illustrated throughout in full colour by the talented Nick Price, this hardback edition of the first in the much-loved and classic Wombles series will make the perfect gift.

JAN PAGE is a freelance writer, drama worker and arts adminstrator. She has run hundreds of drama and writing workshops for children over the years and has been an event organiser for large-scale events, including international circus, music and firework concerts! A regular scriptwriter for BBC TV's PLAYDAYS, she has written eleven plays for young audiences.

"If ('American Ninja Warrior') is where you want to be, you have to put in the work and you have to be determined and you have to be consistent, which is hard as a 15-year-old," she said. "I mean it's basically like training for something like the Olympics."

When he was just a child, he left England for the Wilds, He blazed out a trail in the West, he worked his fingers to the bone And he bulit himself a home as he started his journey on the road to success.

Nobody could tell it would all work out so well, But he soon took the world by surprise, He's a Womble of the West and he always comes out best You can tell by the way he looks you in the eyes.


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