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Buy Mini Split Ac Online has a huge selection of ductless mini split systems. Our multi-zone ductless mini splits are an efficient and affordable heating and cooling solution and can replace your current ducted HVAC system.

buy mini split ac online

A ductless mini split is a variant to the basic central air setup, but instead of a single condenser feeding a single air handler, a ductless mini split might have multiple air handlers. Central air uses ductwork, and all rooms get the same air treatment; with a mini split, each room is served individually by its own air handler. No ductwork is used. For more information on What is a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner please read our article and other helpful information in our Information Library.

Ductless mini split systems battle reigning champion central air systems for supremacy in the home building/home improvement market. While central air uses powerful equipment to move staggering amounts of air throughout the whole house via ductwork, mini split systems isolate the air movement to the rooms where it is needed, using in-room air handlers for the task.

Mini split systems tend to be a lot more efficient than your typical central split systems. Many mini splits boast high SEER ratings. (SEER is short for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, an industry standard for measuring the efficiency of air conditioners.) SEER for mini split systems can be impressive. The ratios usually range from 18 SEER all the way up to an amazing 42 SEER. With ratings like that, your future system will be able to reduce your energy bills significantly compared to other heating and cooling solutions.

Have you ever wanted different rooms in your house set at different temperatures? Multi zone mini split systems allow you to keep each zone at a different temperature, giving you the power to control the temperatures throughout your house easily and exactly the way you want.

Mini splits are available to control anywhere from one to nine zones. The typical home will need four or five indoor air handlers. These air handlers are available in a variety of mounting options. Wall-, floor- and ceiling-mounts are some of the choices.

Ductless mini split systems have sound ratings as low as 19 dB for the inside unit. With sound ratings that low, it means that they can operate quieter than a whisper. This allows you to stay comfortable without being distracted by annoying noises.

This online mini-split supplier offers all the parts for your ductless system, including outdoor compressors and indoor air-handling units. This variety lets you mix and match these components to find the most affordable and compatible combo.

The variety of mini-splits includes single-zone, two-zone, three-zone, four-zone, and five-zone systems. You can shop for floor-mounted equipment, ceiling-recessed systems, and wall-mounted units. You can even narrow down your options by the output of the system in British thermal units or BTUs.

You have your pick between mini-splits that only cool your home or those that offer both heating and cooling. Single-zone units are available, as are two-zone, three-zone, four-zone, and five-zone systems.

Amazon is one of those companies that truly needs no introduction. You probably rely on this retail giant to buy other everyday essentials, including food, clothes, and supplies, so why not your ductless mini-split as well?

Total Home Supply carries the top brand names in mini-splits, including Panasonic, MRCOOL, LG, GE, Friedrich, and Daikin. The available ductless systems are single-zone or multi-zone units with a cooling power of between 16,000 and 38,000+ BTUs.

To keep your new mini-split running its best, you can rely on Total Home Supply for all the accessories you could need. Options include insulated lines, smart thermostats, quick disconnect switch kits, remote controls, couplers, line set covers, condenser stands, condensate removal pumps, wall brackets, Wi-Fi modules, and more.

To make your online shopping even easier, Alpine Home Air Products allows you to narrow down your options by cooling capacity up to five tons or more than 50,000 BTUs. You can also browse by style, including wall-mounted, low-wall, floor-ceiling, or ceiling cassette-style units.

Stock up on all the mini-split accessories you need at Alpine Home Air Products, including multi-strand communication wires, adapters, drain hoses, split phase surge protectors, thread and gasket sealant, wall brackets, Wi-Fi adapters, and even entire installation kits for DIY AC mini split assembly and mounting.

Got air curtains? PowerSave AC sells those and all the accessories you need to get your new mini-split up and running. You can buy line cover kits, replacement lines, outdoor brackets, Wi-Fi adapters, and more.

Mini Split Warehouse is also your one-stop shop for mini-split accessories, including flare unions, service port adapters, drain lines, Wi-Fi controllers, PVC line covers, condensate pumps, freon, and more. Many products and accessories are eligible for free shipping.

If you want to buy a ductless mini-split online, you have plenty of reputable shops in which to do so. Many offer free shipping, special financing, and warranties to make the expense of their units more palatable.

Last, mini-splits are nice in that they are all electric (and require no additional fuel or gas service, like with some traditional HVAC systems), but their electrical requirements are considerable. The 5-zone unit our Hawaii friend installed required a dedicated 40 A breaker for its 230-volt service, and his installation crew used a licensed electrical sub-contractor for the work, adding cost.

Mini split systems are rising in popularity due to their affordable price and flexibility. These air conditioners are available in various sizes and configurations and can also include heat for year-round use. Since they split traditional window air conditioner functions into two components, they fit well in any room in the house and are even strong enough to cool open floor plans. They also take less time to install than traditional central air systems, and the installation process has a minimal effect on your daily life.

Multi-zone mini split systems are ideal for large or small families. Even young professional couples without children may find themselves disagreeing over the thermostat at times, so having two separate temperature settings gives each person the freedom to make adjustments without having to throw on a sweater.

Energy efficiency is a critical issue, as individual households and localities are trying to manage their energy consumption. Air conditioning can add significant costs to your utility bills if you live in a hot climate and choose a model with poor energy efficiency. You may see multiple energy efficiency certifications on mini split systems, but the most common one is Energy Star. Energy Star ratings are set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the U.S. Department of Energy.

Federal regulations currently require new mini splits to have a SEER of 14 or higher. Look for a mini split system that features a 16 or higher SEER to keep your utility bills manageable. There are many mini split systems with ratings as high as 40 that can result in significant long-term savings, especially if you live in a region with hot summers.

Very hot areas in the United States need at least 22 BTUs per square foot of floor space to stay cool in the summer. This means that a 1,500 ft2 home needs at least 33,000 BTUs across the entire mini split system and possibly much more if the home has poor insulation. However, colder areas to the north need as few as 12 BTUs per square foot to stay comfortably cool in the summer. Based on this number, the same 1,500 ft2 home needs at least 18,000 total BTUs to stay comfortable in the summer. To safely account for additional heat caused by direct sunlight at higher latitudes, aim for a minimum of 24,000 BTUs.

Wi-Fi-enabled home appliances are quickly becoming the norm, and this trend has emerged in mini split units as well. A Wi-Fi controlled mini split connection allows parts of larger multi-room systems to communicate easily without relying on wiring running between each unit.

Mini split systems can dehumidify your air to a certain extent, but their capabilities vary. An indoor relative humidity between 30-50% feels most comfortable, and mini split systems can handle this in most climates. Newer mini split systems with advanced dehumidifying technology can remove a larger amount of moisture.

ComfortUp makes it easy to shop for a mini split system that provides what you need. Search by the number of zones, brand, system design and type, square footage, and more. Our team is also happy to talk to you by chat message or phone so you can make the smartest investment for your home or business. Click here to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our product experts.

Maitz Home Services in Allentown, PA has been in the HVAC business for over 50 years. We know a thing or two about air conditioners, specifically ductless mini split AC systems. We carry leading brands with all the modern features you need to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.We are a licensed and insured heating and cooling company dedicated to serving the community. Call us today to discuss if a ductless mini split system is right for your home.

A ductless mini-split air conditioner is a group of blowers mounted on walls inside the home. It sends cooled air to certain areas of your house through wall mounted blowers inside, instead of through ducts.

Before you purchase a ductless mini-split system, be aware that they have limitations. Upfront cost, maintenance, and aesthetics are three of the more significant disadvantages of these cooling units. Typically, the initial purchase of a mini-split system will be more expensive than that of a conventional AC system. But depending on how you use your system and the climate in your area, you may be able to recoup those costs with lower energy bills every month. 041b061a72


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