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Where Can I Buy Mini Hershey Kisses High Quality

The iconic Hershey's(r) Kisses(r) candy is crafted in a miniature size so it can easily be used in a favorite recipe, top a dessert or eaten on its own as a snack - no unwrapping required. Kisses milk chocolate is a popular part of recipes from peanut butter blossom cookies to pretzel kisses. Its instantly recognizable shape will stand out in your toppings bar or in your bulk bins.

where can i buy mini hershey kisses

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Small pretzels (traditional mini pretzel twists or the small waffle-shaped pretzels)If you are having a hard time deciding grab the waffle-shaped pretzels. They give you more of a base for the chocolate to melt on.Hershey Kisses, milk chocolate - unwrapped. This takes longer than you think! I always had my kids help!M&M candies or small candy treat. Scroll through the images for seasonal themed ideas.Optional - almonds, pecan halves or walnuts These make you feel these treats are healthier! Get dark chocolate kisses for an even healthier nod.

Introduced in late 2005, these mini candy-coated milk chocolate kisses were similar to M&Ms and Reese's cups. Colors included red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, as well as pastels for Easter, pink, red, and white for Valentine's Day, and red, purple, and brown Special Dark Kissables. In 2008, Hershey's attempted to cut production costs by changing the recipe for these (and other chocolates), opting to use vegetable oils instead of cocoa butter. Customers were not pleased and this change ultimately led to the death of Kissables in July 2009.[8] 041b061a72


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