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Isekai 4.pdf

Isekai Mario just got even more anime with the new Isekaisekai scenario! Play anime themed minigames and win lots of coins! The entirety of Super Crown Land was also added as a scenario! Replay this game with all your favorite anime characters!

Isekai 4.pdf

Welcome to Isekaisekai, The Ultimate Anime Theme Park! Play anime themed minigames and win coin prizes! Learn about the different characters you can summon for and find out about the wide variety of isekai anime that exist in this exciting theme park!

The discovery of a lifetime! Mysterious shrooms from another world have appeared, and thanks to the hard work of researchers from the Royal Magic Institute, the development of a miraculous new drug known as the Isekai Shot has been completed! Once the Isekai Shot has been injected into a patient, they gain the special ability to reincarnate into other worlds! A dream come true for isekai fans! It's time to volunteer as a test subject! Let's go!

Embrace the isekai spirit of Sword Art Online, Persona, Accel World, Log Horizon, Ready Player One, Dream Park, and other stories where there's one world that offers far too little .. and another that's all too much. 041b061a72


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