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Wedding rings made of sustainable materials: Fischer wedding rings shows how to go about it.

Your wedding planning is defined by emotions, talent for organizing and occasionally, stress. The anticipation is increasing and you are looking forward to the wedding day with excitement. There is a lot to plan and order your wedding dress and the decorations, the food, and you take care of every aspect.

But have you ever thought about what's left behind following the ceremony? Food, décor or the music are not the things that will last. What is truly tested of time are your memories photographs and, most importantly your wedding ring. They are with you for a time after your wedding day. They are not only the most prominent symbol of your love - they're also the most sustainable part of your wedding.

This is due to the fact that they do not only stay with you throughout the duration of your marriage but are also worn every day around your finger. After the wedding, the wedding rings are not simply thrown away or left to rot in the corner of your house.

Wedding rings made from recycled gold

The wedding rings from Fischer also have a unique feature that they are made of recycled gold. Always. Only gold in circulation is recyclable. No new raw materials need to be mined in order to produce using recycled gold. Mining gold is usually linked to negative, not sustainable aspects. Children are often used as workers, workers have to endure working conditions that can harm health, there is a very high demand for water and energy, long transport routes are standard and nature is damaged to a great extent due to land use.

By your side for life

The issue of sustainability is certainly gaining ground in the wedding industry. There is even a term for weddings that are sustainable: Green Wedding. To make your own vision of a sustainable wedding come true it is important to consider a few things in the beginning of your planning process. What things actually remain? What are our priorities? Do we want to invest in fireworks that go off before the guests or opt for better quality wedding rings? One thing is for certain: your wedding rings will be by your side throughout your life. And their shine fades far slower than other investments.

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