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Candy Clicking Simulator Auto Farm

You can harvest a Sugar Lump by clicking on it when it is ripe. If you forget to harvest one, don't sweat it - ripe lumps will fall and be harvested automatically if you don't do it in time, and it even works while the game is closed. Sugar Lumps (and their bonuses) are disabled when starting an ascension in Challenge Mode, but they'll still fall (be auto-harvested) behind the scenes.

Candy Clicking Simulator Auto Farm


After earning a certain number of cookies, the player can unlock another cookie-type or the player can buy new assets such as cursors, farms, mines, factories, and banks that automatically make cookies.

An auto clicker is automation software or a macro that is generally used to automate the clicking (or tapping) process in idle games. A number of idle games employ clicking as a method to gain currency while active (to complement to the idle element), and players may sometimes employ an auto clicker to automate this part, thus getting resources/currency much faster. Pecorella, in his 2016 GDC summit talk, argues that auto clickers are considered necessary by any "serious" idle game players, and that it's not cheating, but rather an exploration of an error in design.[18]

Players could automatically farm Ghasts or mobs for combat XP in the Private Island by using an AFK pool and a way to deal damage, including but not limited to: Cactus Armor/Thorns, Blaze Armor, Vampire Mask, and Unstable Dragon Armor. This has been patched as of May 21, 2020.

The Honeysuckle is a consumable inventory item that was introduced in the 12/26/2021 update. Unlike other consumable items with an auto setting, Honeysuckle is automatically used once a player's pollen container is full, and is also the only item with an auto setting that cannot be put in the hotbar. When a player's pollen container is full, the Honeysuckle causes the player's bees to instantly convert some pollen in their bag into honey. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds before it can activate again, and can be toggled on or off by clicking the item in the inventory.

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